2 Line Cordless Phones for Small Business

Keeping your business moving through flexible calling

While it might seem like most businesses have gone away from using regular phones for business calls, this is not always the case. For some business models, cordless phones are still a must and they help greatly with business efficiency if they are capable of being used on two different lines. Cordless phones that can be carried with you while you are working are very helpful and it is nice not to be tied to a softphone at your desk.

If you have been struggling to find the right cordless phone that can be used with 2 unique lines for ease of communication, you are probably not alone. It is less and less common to use this kind of phone in your home, but that does not mean that these phones are not still useful for business purposes. 

If you have been struggling to find the right 2 line cordless phone for your small business needs, you need to use our list of quality 2 line cordless phones for your shopping needs.

Product Comparison Table: 2 Line Cordless Phones for Small Business

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4.5 stars
Best  product
4.5 stars
Best value product
4.5 stars
Best Multi-Phone system
4.5 stars
Best for durability

2 Line Cordless Phones for Small Business

2 line cordless phones allow you to carry the phone with you as you work and you will be able to talk on the phone while another person is on the main phone line. This helps keep your business from being slowed down or from having to call people back if they have been forced to leave a message. If you need to use a cordless phone for your business needs, you need to pick from one of these quality devices.

AT&T (TL88102) Dect 6.0 1-Handset 2-Line Landline Telephone Bundle

Product summary: when you buy this set of phones with 2-line capability, you will get a quality phone set that can be used readily in your small business. Each of these lightweight and well-designed handsets has its own charging base. These phones offer ergonomic and comfortable handset designs and are capable of conference calls and more. They offer a quality speakerphone option as well.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Three phones in the set
  • Charging base for each handset
  • Can add more handsets if you want


  • Hang up button is not lit up
  • Sometimes additional handsets will ring after a call is picked up


This is a really nice set of phones that can be used at individual desks or places around your business to make it easy for you to grab the phone when you need to catch a call. You will enjoy lots of battery life from these handsets as well as easy phone call transfer and good conference calling features.

Panasonic 2-Line Corded/Cordless Phone System with 2 Handsets 

Product summary: This nice set of phones comes with an easy-to-use answering machine as well as two quality handsets for your use. Conference calling and speakerphone options are available on this set of phones and they are Bluetooth enabled as well. This set of phones offers superior long-range from their bases for better calling and mobility in large spaces.


  • Long-range handsets
  • Answering machine
  • Conference calling and speakerphone options


  • The connection can be crackly far from the base
  • The phone screen is low-res


This is a really nice set of phones with lots of great features at a good price. You can use this set of phones for all kinds of functionality and you will not be hindered in your calling processes if you need to walk across a large space while you are on the phone.

VTech IS8151-5 Super Long Range 5 Handset DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

Product summary: This is the best system for businesses that need more than a couple of handsets as well as conferencing and speakerphone functions. These are ultra-long-range handsets that allow you lots of range when you are working. You can connect these phones to your cellphone as well.


  • Large screens with quality lighting
  • Lots of features and functions
  • 5 handsets


  • Could use better instructions
  • Time changes to the wrong time occasionally


This is the perfect phone set if you have lots of locations that need to have access to a phone or if you have lots of people working for you. You get great phone conferencing as well as a nice speakerphone option on each phone and the range for these wireless headsets are really excellent.

VTech DS6151-11 DECT 6.0 2-Line Expandable Cordless Phone + (3) DS6101-11

Product summary: This is a nice heavy-duty set of cordless phones that comes with an answering machine, excellent range, and conference calling features. This is the perfect set of phones to choose if you need to make sure that your headsets will hold up to tough environmental considerations. You can expand this system to up to 12 headsets if needed.


  • Great durable handsets
  • Good call quality and range
  • Excellent conferencing and speaker function


  • Fewer features than some brands
  • Headsets are too heavy for some users’ preferences


This is a nice and durable set of phones that will stand up to your small business needs with ease. You can expand to 12 headsets and you will get a long battery life as well as an easy setup and more with these nice phones.

Picking the Right Phone System Can be Easy

If you have been struggling to find phones that have good reviews or that show enough relevant information about the units before you buy them, this list will help you get the perfect cordless phones for your business needs. Saving time on the research side of buying your new phones can leave you free to go back to managing your business and developing new products and ideas.

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