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5 Tips For Finding A New Job While You Are Still Employed

Job hunting while you are still employed can improve your chances of landing a position. Employers often look for candidates with developed skills, and being employed creates this impression. However, job hunting is time-consuming and challenging, and if you are still employed, it becomes more stressful. Read on for five tips to find a new job while still employed.


Be clear about what you want

The first step to a successful job hunt is defining what you want your next position to be like. Make a diary entry or a list of your thoughts to understand your needs before sending applications. Here are some aspects of your dream job you should consider when defining what you want:

  • The industry
  • Working hours
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Company culture
  • Salaries

When you are clear about what you want, you can narrow your search to job opportunities that suit your needs.

Ensure your LinkedIn profile is complete

Perhaps the best way to increase the chances of finding a job is by updating your LinkedIn profile. When a hiring manager receives your resume, the first place they are likely to check is your LinkedIn profile, so it is best to keep it updated at all times.

Since most professionals are on LinkedIn, having a complete profile may not raise suspicion in your current workplace. However, do not hint you are looking for a new job on your profile to avoid causing tension.

Use discretion

It can be tempting to share details of your job hunt or dissatisfaction with your current position with coworkers. Do not! If someone in your workplace discovers you are looking for a new job, they could tip off your current employer, which could result in dismissal.

You should also not hint that you are looking for a new job on your social media accounts. Some employers often monitor their staff’s social media activities; even when they do not, you could still be connected to people within your organization. To be safe, keep details about your hunt to yourself to ensure you land the proper replacement position without rushing.

Do not use your workplace devices to job search

When it comes to your job hunt, all devices owned by your current boss, including computers, emails, or work phones, are off-limits. Do not even use the company’s WIFI to conduct your job search. Not only is using the company’s devices to job hunt unprofessional, especially during office hours. Your employer or the IT staff could monitor your communication so that any unusual activities could raise eyebrows.

To uphold professionalism, conduct your job search at home. If you have to conduct searches at work, use a personal email, computer, and phone and ensure you have a personal data plan to avoid scrutiny.

Be smart about interview scheduling

Be sure to let hiring managers know that you are being discreet about your job hunt and request to schedule interviews before or after work or during lunch breaks. You could also take a personal or vacation day for interviews scheduled during working hours.


Job hunting, while you are still employed, does not have to be complicated and stressful. Be clear about what you want, update your LinkedIn profile, use personal devices to search, schedule smartly, and be discreet to make finding a replacement job more straightforward.

Written by Marcus Richards

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