Best Label Printer for Small Business

Take care of your label printing needs with ease

Label printers can be a major part of your overall investment in your small business. You will need to be able to print labels to mail products as well as for other purposes within your business processes each day. Label printers can save you a lot of time and make it possible for you to work with postage-saving entities that require specialty labels as part of the contract that you have with the postage provider.

Getting the right label printer can save you money and time and allow you to grow your small business efficiency on a daily basis. If you have been looking for a label printer that will take care of all of your small business needs, you should start with the printers on this list. This is a great place to look for the right label printer for your needs and you will love having the convenience of this great device as soon as you start using it.

If you are ready to pick the best label printer for your small business, read on!

Product Comparison Table: Best Label Printer for Small Business

Rating (Amazon)
Best in class
5.0 stars
Best product
4.5 stars
Best easy setup
4.5 stars
Best Value Product
4.5 stars
Best for beginners
4.5 stars
Best for color printing and unique labels

Best Label Printer for Small Business

Label printers can come in many sizes and they can offer various printing functions. Always make sure that you know how many labels you will need to print on average every day, as well as having the dimensions for any specialty labels that you might need to create for your shipping processes. These factors can help determine which label printer you should pick for your unique business needs.

Rollo Label Printer

Product summary: This great label printer works with barcodes as well as UPS labels and can be used to print a whole variety of different label sizes and designs. It is compatible with Windows machines and Mac and is easy to set up. This is a high speed printer that works great for any size job and you can print as much or as little as you want using this printer in your daily tasks.


  • Print free UPS labels
  • Prints quickly and readily
  • Printed many label sizes


  • Customer service could be better
  • Some settings can be hard to find


This is a great label printer that can handle all kinds of jobs and will hold up to lost of use. This is a fast and efficient unit that is a great value for the price for any size business. 

iDPRT Thermal Label Printer

Product summary: This is a great label printer that will hold up to lots of use. It has intelligent paper return which takes the guesswork out of position of your label and printing them. You will get high-speed printing, easy setup and lots of label printing options with this great little unit.


  • Intelligent paper return
  • Fast and clear printing
  • Works with Windows and Mac


  • Will have issues with print settings being hard to locate at times
  • Does not connect to bluetooth


This is a really great label printer for a really good value that will take care of all of your label printing needs. You will be glad that you do not have to fight with alignment and print settings and that you can just set this unit up and start working!

MUNBYN Label Printer

Product summary: This great label printer that can be purchased at a really good price will let you print from all of the major Ecommerce platforms. Make labels for Shopify, Etsy, eBay, and UPS. Thermal printing that requires no setup and works with many platforms is not available with every product like this. You will love how easy it is to get this little unit up and running without any fuss.


  • Works with many platforms
  • Easy setup
  • Easy to use
  • Great price


  • Some setup issues with Mac
  • Cables in the back can get in the way of printing


This is a great machine at a really good value that will not let you down. You will be able to use this label printer right out of the box for all of your eCommerce needs and you will get clear and fast printing for each label every time.

Polono Shipping Label Printer

Product summary:This is a really nice machine that can be set up with ease, even if you are not tech savvy or label printing savvy. This is a great option for people who are new to the label printing process as this label printer will take the guesswork out of all of your printing needs. High-speed printing of labels for eCommerce, eBay and UPS labels and intelligent printing processes keep you from having to set up your own print settings.


  • Easy to set up
  • Intelligent print design
  • Works with all major eCommerce and UPS
  • Great value


  • Does not come with an instruction book
  • Not wireless


This is a really good product if you are new to the label printing game and you should have no trouble getting this printer setup and working hard for your business. At a great value and with lots of nice features and design choices, this is a really great label printer for any kind of business.

Brother VC-500W Label Printer

Product summary: This great little printer will make color photos as well as high-quality labels. It has WIFI capability and it is small and compact. You can edit the size, width, design, and font of custom labels or use standard ones for your shipping needs. This is the perfect choice if you need to print custom or color labels for your unique products. 


  • Color printing
  • Label design tools
  • Photo printing
  • WIFI capable


  • Must select the vivid setting for true color printing
  • Phone app for label design a bit basic


This is a really good and high-quality machine that offers lots of customized printing options that many others in its price range do not. You will find that you can create your own custom labels, print photos, and more with ease when you use this great machine for your business needs.

Label Printers Save Small Businesses Time

Label printers are a huge help to small businesses and they can save you time driving to the post office and paying for postage the traditional way. You will be so relieved that you have saved yourself this extra time and money every day, and these quality products can help you to do just that!

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