Dive Deep Into The World Below: ‘Footer’ Arrives!

October 31, 2023

The Underestimated Underworld

It’s been said that the devil is in the details, and nowhere is that truer than in the design realm. While many have lauded the mesmerizing beauty of website banners, sliders, and hero sections, the silent hero at the bottom— the footer— often goes unnoticed. But not anymore! Introducing “Footer,” the unsung hero’s spotlight and the world’s premiere footer gallery.

Discover A New Perspective

Diverse Designs On Display

With over 50 meticulously curated footers, your quest for inspiration is bound to find a home here. Every footer showcases the perfect blend of creativity, usability, and aesthetics. From the minimalistic to the grandiose, from the functional to the purely ornamental, the gallery covers the full spectrum of footer possibilities.

Credit Where Credit’s Due

Behind every majestic footer is a maestro, an artist who weaves magic into those concluding pixels. “Footer” ensures that each designer gets their rightful recognition. So, not only do you get inspired, but you also discover the brilliant minds behind the art.

Stay Updated, Stay Inspired

Fresh Footers to Freshen Your Feed

The digital world evolves rapidly. Designs that were in vogue yesterday might be passé today. That’s why the team at “Footer” has committed to keeping the gallery fresh. With a subscription to their newsletter, you can expect a monthly dose of the latest and most trendsetting footers to hit the world wide web.

A Social Affair

While a website like “Footer” is the main course, their daily Twitter/X updates serve as the appetizing starters. A quick look at their posts can sometimes be all the motivation you need to reinvent your site’s ending.

Join The Footer Frenzy

Showcase Your Genius

“Footer” isn’t just a spectator sport. The platform encourages submissions from all the gifted designers out there. Got a footer that you believe can inspire? It’s time to share it with the world and claim your spotlight!

The Dream Team Behind The Dream

While “Footer” is a novel concept, the brilliance behind the scenes is equally noteworthy. This isn’t just another corporate gig—it’s a passion project. Benten Woodring and Matt Cram have showcased their design prowess, Devin Fountain has made it all tick with his development skills, and Fons Mans has woven the brand’s identity. This quartet, juggling between their day jobs and client commitments, have poured their heart into this creation. Their dedication ensures that “Footer” isn’t just a gallery but an experience.

In Conclusion

Websites, much like stories, have a beginning, middle, and end. Just as we wouldn’t want a story to have a lackluster ending, why should our websites? “Footer” challenges the norm, compelling us to see value in those last pixels of our web pages.

So, as you embark on your next digital venture, let “Footer” be your muse. And always remember: See you at the bottom!

Visit their revolutionizing gallery at Footer.Design.

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