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Email Deliverability: What It Is And Why It Matters?

How to run an email deliverability? Email deliverability audit is an essential part of email marketing and one of the most effective instruments for promoting business. In the right hands, it streamlines mass communication, group communication, and advertising all at once.

Automated distribution of email messages to different groups of people across a pre-compiled list is a relevant business promotion necessity nowadays. So let’s dig in a bit deeper into the topic.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Marketers collect a base of subscribers, compose and personalize newsletter, and monitor its effectiveness. Email marketing allows you to build direct communication between a brand (business, company) and potential or existing customers. The result of such communication can result in the customer loyalty boost, accumulation of new and repeat sales, and an efficient routine of retaining and returning customers.

One paramount thing you need to do to make it all work is to make sure your email marketing newsletter is not flagged as SPAM.

And this is exactly where email deliverability test comes into play as a great business-pushing strategy that helps attract more customers.

3 types of email deliverability constraints

  • Mailing list. Special server accepts a message from any subscriber to a specialized address, and then forwards this message to all subscribers on the mailing list. It helps to organize the communication between groups of people, like in Zoom meetings.
  • Group address. This is a standard feature of almost all existing email servers. It allows multiple people to read their mails coming to the same address, no matter who it comes from.
  • Information and/or advertising mailing. This is a kind of mailing where a person can send one pre-prepared mail, and do it automatically and simultaneously to all subscribers of the mailing list. But such emails only go one way (purely advertising nature without a response option), which makes them more susceptible to spam flagging.

Marketing email newsletter can also be informational, transactional, commercial, or trigger-based (used to trigger a certain event), as well as thematic (focused on a specific target audience) and regional.

Why is Email Deliverability Important for Your Business?

Firstly, email deliverability is an advertising tool. When used efficiently, it helps attract more customers to your product, and make it more popular. You can stimulate sales, increase customer loyalty, maintain their interest in a product of your company, inform people about new products, sales, conduct surveys, etc.

People are always checking out their emails, and seeing your company information on a regular occasion, it sticks on a subconscious level, making them turn to you for a service sooner or later.

Secondly, you can monetize email marketing. How? Add some ads to your newsletter focused on the neutral theme. Just make sure to promote via ads in an unobtrusive, careful way. It can help you to recoup a share of expenses that you probably spend on email deliverability tracking.

Factors That Affect Email Deliverability

Email marketing has a number of indicators that determine the effectiveness of mailing, which include delivery rate, bounce rate, open rate, and click rate.

  • Click rate is a percentage of email recipients that click on the one or more links inside an email.
  • Bounce rate is a percentage of email addresses to which your newsletter campaign could not be delivered to.
  • Delivery rate is calculated by dividing the number of emails sent minus bounces by the number of emails sent.
  • Open rate is a percentage or ratio of the number of recipients who opened the email, expressed as the ratio of the number of emails opened to the total number of emails sent.

Counting these indicators will help to understand the effectiveness of overall deliverability.

Things to Help Improve Your Email Deliverability

  1. You can do some creative design to your messages. It will help you stand out from hundreds of other emails. Use a unique logo of your company. Attract some designers to help you create trendy styles for your newsletter. Customers like to buy with their eyes, so good visuals should be among your primary marketing strategies.
  2. Learn more about your audience, and make your mailing more customer-oriented based on that information. Choosing an individual approach to your client, you increase your chances to promote your product successfully.
  3. Make your mailing personalized, treating your email recipients individually. You do not need to know the name of each contact, but it is always good to add something like “dear customer” in the beginning and “best wishes” or “have a nice day” at the end of your letter.
  4. A great solution would be to choose the correct time for sending a newsletter. There are certain hours during the day that are the most effective for promoting things. People are usually most active at checking their emails during the work week daytime.

The Best Tools to Test Your Email Deliverability

Here are some outstanding solutions that can help you keep your newsletter from getting into the spam folder.

  • The best way to understand that your email account is ready for mailing and check email deliverability is to analyze where your emails have been landed in the past thirty days. To spam, or to the main inbox, or to any other folder. There are some apps to help you track this for free, like Quick Mail Auto Warmer, etc. There is also a report on where your emails are landing based on the inbox your prospects are using.
  • Download a special app to test your emails and make sure they do not look like spam before sending them. A well-tried-and-tested email testing tool for this is Mail Tester.
  • If your emails are often being flagged as spam or your domain is often blocklisted (or you need to see whether any of that happens to you), a powerful all-in-one app to spam check email is Folderly.
  • One more tool for streamlined mailing is an email checker Glock Apps, which helps you to improve and monitor your email and domain health.
  • Sender Score is a good app for email testing online, which will help you to understand the reliability of the IP address from which you are sending emails, which is important for email service providers.

Final Words

Email deliverability is a really great tool for a forward-minded business in almost any niche. It can boost your sales and consumer popularity. There are a huge number of email testing services that will help you keep test email deliverability in check and ultimately boost it. Hope this brief article emphasizes the importance of email deliverability audit enough to make you give the mentioned tools a go and streamline your email marketing efforts.

Written by Marcus Richards

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