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How To Successfully Use Retargeting Advertisements In Social Media With SafeOpt

Retargeting is a highly effective marketing solution, which involves sending customers who have previously expressed interest in products on an e-commerce site follow-up emails, prompting them to return and finalize their purchase. This advertising method is great for re-engaging customers, and even when it doesn’t lead to a sale, it can still plant seeds of interest in people’s minds.

SafeOpt is a marketing platform that specializes in retargeting. If you are the owner of an e-commerce store and want to set up retargeting advertisements, then SafeOpt’s the first service that you should consider.

Here’s how you can use SafeOpt for retargeting on social media and elsewhere.

Social Media

You can use SafeOpt for social media retargeting. It is really no different from email retargeting, except when consumers leave your website, they receive notifications on social media instead. One of the main advantages of social media retargeting is that consumers can then like and share your messages. Encouraging consumers to share your social media page and your web address can be an extremely effective way of getting other people’s interest. Make sure that you invest a lot of effort into designing your business’s social media pages, so that they are as interesting and engaging as possible.


Moving away from social media, if you want an effective retargeting campaign, then segment your audience according to their level of interaction. More simply, send people who have viewed a specific area like your site’s ‘About us’ section things related to that specific part of your site. Then, if somebody has viewed a specific product, send them retargeting emails advising that they go ahead with the purchase, even going so far as to tell them that the product’s in short supply and selling fast.

Promotional Codes

One of the most effective methods of improving your site’s retargeting effort is to send customers promotional codes. You can do this with the SafeOpt Cart Abandonment features. When you are sending out promotional codes you need to make sure that they are unique to that customer and can only be used once. When you send out codes that can be used an unlimited number of times, there is always a risk that customers are going to abuse them. It’s very common for people to abuse unlimited promotional codes. Be sure not to send out too many codes either, because this can devalue your brand significantly.

Specific Actions

It’s a very good idea to send retargeting messages to people who haven’t completed a specific action on your site but looked like they were going to. This could be completing a purchase, clicking through to a follow-up article, or registering an account. Sending an email convincing people to complete actions can help to improve their engagement with their site. Also, say if somebody was on your site intending on doing something but they received a phone call or their device ran out of battery, sending them a reminder message could re-engage them and get them to complete whatever it was that they were going to do before.

Track Conversions

One very important thing that you need to make sure that you do when you are managing a retargeting campaign is to track conversions, so you can see how effective your campaign is. If you aren’t able to track conversions then you won’t get an insight into how well your campaign is really working. If you can’t tell how a campaign is working, you naturally won’t be able to decide whether or not to continue with it when it comes time to renew your SafeOpt subscription.

Annoying Customers

A big mistake that a lot of amateur marketers make is annoying their customers. It’s very easy to think that by sending customers multiple messages, they will be more likely to engage. Unfortunately, this is not at all true. If you spam people with emails and messages then they are probably just going to block you and find someone else to do business with. Also, if you spam people with promotional codes they are just going to think that your site isn’t worth doing business with because you will devalue your brand.

Calls to Action

In each of your retargeting emails or social media messages, you need to include a call to action. The call to action should be clear and to the point, like ‘Buy now.’ If your call to action isn’t concise then you could have trouble getting people to return to your site. It might seem like you are bossing people around and telling them what to do, but psychologically, that’s what people want when they are in two minds about making a purchase online. The call to action should be a hyperlink in big letters and should be the most prominent thing on the page. You can include other information below it. Make sure that you optimize your emails for mobile use so that the call to action isn’t hidden.


Going back to annoying people for a moment. When you use SafeOpt, you will be able to send retargeting messages to people who use their platform, but who aren’t signed up for your email newsletter. This means that if somebody finds their way onto your website and you haven’t got their contact information (and they have never bought products from you before), you can still send them retargeting messages. However, you must make sure more than anything else that you don’t annoy these people. You have a good opportunity to convert them into customers. If you irritate them, then they will never consider shopping with you and could even talk about you negatively.

Technical Problems

If at any point you encounter any problems with SafeOpt’s platform, you can reach out to their customer support department for help. SafeOpt’s customer support is available around the clock and can provide technical advice. However, if you need more specific marketing advice, then you might want to employ a professional marketer to advise you.

SafeOpt holds a lot of promise for e-commerce businesses. It can be effectively used to expand the size of one’s audience, achieve more exposure, and increase one’s sales. It is used by over 175 million consumers, so a subscription is a great investment to make.

Written by Marcus Richards

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