Migrate MySQL Database: Easy Methods

January 16, 2023

It is sometimes necessary to migrate MySQL databases to make the data available for testing in another environment or export the entire database for testing. Most users, however, need to learn how to migrate MySQL databases.

While people who are familiar with MySQL migration typically find it challenging. Now, how to migrate MySQL databases quickly and easily. However, feel free because here we will inform you about a few MySQL database migration tools that will make the process effortless.

Apart from the MySQL migration tool, you will also learn about various things and methods involved in MySQL migration. So, keep reading.

MySQL Migration: How It Works?

MySQL migration involves transferring data between a source and a targeted database. As a result of a successful migration, all datasets appear in the target databases, albeit with the possible reorganization.

After that, clients who have access to the source databases switch to the target databases, and access to the source databases is no longer available. MySQL migration is often necessary for several reasons. For instance, there may be times when an organization would like to save resources by converting to a hosted database.

Likewise, another organization might switch databases because it finds a certain database more appropriate for its business needs. For this reason, developing a data migration strategy is crucial to minimize data migration problems.

The Best Tools for Migration MySQL Database

Following is a list of tools and methods for MySQL database migration.

dbForge Studio for MySQL

The dbForge Studio for MySQL enables you to develop, manage, migrate and streamline MySQL databases. The tool facilitates the creation and execution of queries, programming stored procedures, managing objects in databases, syncing databases, performing analysis on table data, and many other tasks.

It has an intuitive user interface that provides a wide range of functionality.

Database Restore Wizard

MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench provides a unified and intuitive interface for designers, developers, and database administrators. Aside from supporting data modeling, MySQL Workbench includes tools for developing SQL queries, configuring servers, setting up users, and other useful utilities for managing MySQL servers.

With MySQL Workbench, you can migrate objects, tables, and data from MySQL and other RDBMS to MySQL quickly and easily.

It is straightforward for database administrators and developers to adapt MySQL-based applications for Windows and other operating systems. Using the Workbench, you can upgrade your MySQL database from an older release.


Dbeaver is a free and open-source tool for managing databases across various platforms. This tool makes migrating records between different servers easy because it supports many records.

Dbeaver provides options that make data exporting and importing quick and convenient. The user interface of Dbeaver also makes it straightforward to navigate.


Navicat is a tool for managing databases that facilitates migrations of MySQL databases. The tool simplifies and automates transferring data from one server to another.

It is also compatible with other database systems, making it an ideal solution for organizations with multiple servers to manage. Additionally, its intuitive interface makes navigating easy even if you’re not an expert.

Toad Edge

Toad Edge makes it easy to migrate closed database systems to open source, such as MySQL. With this tool, you can create, manage, and migrate MySQL databases reliably.

Further, Toad Edge allows the user to write SQL code using a worksheet with documentation, thereby streamlining and speeding up the application’s process.

How to Use dbForge Studio for MySQL Database Migration?

Migration of MySQL databases is a common task that needs to be done from time to time. There are many reasons why you need to perform a migration.

One is transferring all required data for testing a server or migrating the database from one server to another. Database migrations are quick and easy with dbForge Studio for MySQL, which supports most cloud-based MySQL databases, storage solutions, and indexing solutions.

It is possible to migrate MySQL databases quickly and easily without needing to write code using dbForge Studio. Follow these steps when migrating a MySQL database.

  • Select the “Databases” menu from the main menu bar.
  • Afterward, select the option “Copy Databases.”
  • In the Copy Database window that appears, make sure that you select the destination and source connections.
  • Next, you should select the databases you want to migrate.
  • Also, choose “Include Data.”
  • Select “Settings” from the menu.
  • Be sure to select every option you need.
  • When you have finished making your changes, click the “OK” button.
  • Next, press on the green arrow icon to begin the migration process. After the migration process finishes, you will see a notification with the migration status.
Copy MySQL Database


According to the method described above, migrating MySQL databases between servers is easy using various MySQL database migration tools. Still, the process can be quite tedious if you do not know the process.

However, an integrated solution, such as dbForge Studio, can easily take care of it, which automates all your data pipelines and facilitates trouble-free management.

dbForge Studio for MySQL will catalog your MySQL tables and perform the necessary transformations that will allow you to switch between these MySQL servers and migrate your MySQL database.

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