Why Electric Cars May Flood US Market

September 22, 2021

Although electric cars have been around for a while, they have yet to have a major effect on the US market. That may be changing soon. In October of 2017, Tesla surpassed General Motors as the most valuable American car company and GM had to close four of its plants due to slumping sales. Electric cars are becoming more popular and there’s a really good reason for this: they’re pretty awesome! Here are some of the reasons why you should consider purchasing an electric car.

1. They Are Eco Friendly

The average American car emits about 19 pounds of carbon dioxide into the environment for every mile it drives. It seems like gasoline would be an environmentally friendly fuel, but it’s very harmful. Gasoline is made up of various chemicals that are extremely bad for the environment. Whether you want to choose a hybrid or a completely electric car, this BMW dealer advises the BMW-i series as a great option. What’s best about electric cars is that they run off electric energy and electricity can readily be produced by renewable sources of energy such as solar panels and wind turbines.

2. They Are Cheap To Operate

Electric cars are much cheaper to operate than gasoline cars are. For example, the average cost of charging an electric car is about $1.00 compared to the average cost of fueling a gasoline car at $3.00-$4.00 per gallon in some places! If you need help making your electricity bill lower, consider installing solar panels in your home that can generate electricity for your electric car or other appliances in your home that use electricity. You can even sell any extra energy generated by the power company!

3. They Are Quieter And Faster Than Gasoline Cars

Today’s electric cars are extremely quiet when they are being driven. They are also faster than gasoline cars with near-perfect handling, thanks to the instant torque electric cars have. With their quick acceleration and great handling, electric vehicles are similar to that of a manual transmission car or motorcycle. This is also better for drivers who enjoy the sporty acceleration of a manual vehicle. Also, most electric cars on the market now have a range much larger than that of gasoline cars. You shouldn’t ever worry about running out of battery as long as you fully charge your car before heading out for a road trip or any other destination!

4. You Can Find Them In Every State

You can drive an electric car in every state in America! Since you’re able to charge your car at home or on the go, you can travel anywhere without having too much trouble! While it may take some time to get somewhere if you’re driving across the entire country, electric cars rarely run out of juice! There are plenty of places throughout the US where charging stations exist for your convenience including shopping centers and even steering wheel-like charging stations along the side of the road. Over time, electric cars may replace gasoline-powered vehicles in the US market for their convenience and eco-friendliness.

5. You Can Easily Install An Electric Car Charger At Home

Installing an electric car charger at home is very easy to do! All you need is a standard 110-volt outlet or a 220-volt outlet so that you can plug in your charger when you get home. If the outlet isn’t available in your garage, all you need to do is have it installed so there are more options for charging your vehicle next time you decide to go car shopping.

6. They Are More Modern And Sleek

Electric cars are more modern and sleek. If you’re a fan of games like Grand Theft Auto, electric cars will feel familiar to you in their handling. They come in all shapes and sizes which allows you to be able to find the right car for you! Whether you like sports cars or sedans, there’s an electric car out there for everyone!

For these reasons, it’s understandable why electric cars could potentially flood the US market in the coming future. There are several benefits to purchasing an electric vehicle that gasoline vehicles don’t offer that may make them extremely popular in America over time. It’s very easy to charge your car when plugged into standard outlets at home or charging station hubs throughout your city. Electric energy is also a renewable energy source that isn’t going to run out anytime soon.

The only thing standing in the way of electric cars becoming modern marvels is their limited range and availability on roads throughout America. In recent years, however, technological advancements have been made in electric car batteries that make them much more powerful and efficient compared to older models from 2010 or 2011!

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