3 Main Things A Beginner Online Gambler Must Learn First

September 26, 2022

Throwing the dice and testing how much Lady Luck is on your side is a great way to spend time. And it’s pretty special, because it’s a rare kind of spare time activity that can actually earn you money.

Brick-and-mortar casinos have been popular for centuries, while gambling has existed since ancient times. So, no wonder the Internet found a way to make it even more approachable and affordable. Its popularity is growing as we speak. And money speaks too, since the online gambling industry’s worth was in fact 61.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 according to Statista.

Do you think you are ready to join millions of people who enjoy gambling online? Here are the 3 things you must know in order to really be up to it. And we’re not talking about the rules of the games or terminology. We bring you the specifics of the online gambling world every beginner should know.

Make sure you are safe

If you are a frequent guest of offline casinos, you know that safety of you and your money while you are there is taken care of by the establishment itself. At least it should be. And even if you don’t frequent these casinos often, you probably think of this as common practice.

With online casinos it’s a bit different. Because the Internet has both its pros and cons, users of all digital services should educate themselves enough to be able to check if they are safe while visiting a particular website.

The first thing a future online gambler should understand is that in online establishments, you have to protect two things: your money and your personal information. So, you need to make sure your cash is in safe hands while you play and if you win you will get the payout. Also, you need to make sure your name, address, social security number as well as your credit card details for example, won’t be stolen and misused.

How can you know that you are safe in an online casino? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check if the website of the online casino you might choose to play has an SSL certificate. If it does, its URL starts with https and not http. Also, before its URL there should be a padlock icon.

Where there is this type of certificate, you are safe. The website is protected from hackers and your personal data is not in danger. It also shows the website itself is not fraudulent.

  • Check if the online casino has a valid online gaming license. It should be visible on their homepage, usually in the right bottom corner.

Make sure you search the website to find it, to make sure the establishment is functioning with all the requirements it’s obliged by the law. This way you’ll know your money is in safe hands.

Understand the bonuses offered in online casinos

After you find proof you are safe, the next step should be a bit more fun.There are many online casinos, and one of their ways to get new visitors and keep the old ones happy is a whole system of incentives.

Incentives are bonuses and other types of rewards that are offered to newcomers and old patrons alike if they keep playing. Online gambling parlors are competing to see which is going to have a better offer of bonuses and choosing between them should be great fun for you because of that.

We suggest you practice caution here too in order to have even more fun in the long run. You should first be able to understand how do online casino bonuses work and know exactly what you have to do to win them. Read terms and conditions patiently and carefully. After that you’ll be able to make better choices and enjoy playing even more.

Choose the best payment method

For many years, even with other payment methods present, cash was king in the traditional gambling establishments. There were ATMs on each floor for those who brought plastic only. This might be changing finally but what about the online casinos?

In the online establishments it’s the opposite – it’s simply not possible to use cash. But you have many other options. There are cards, pre-paid, credit and other types. There are bank transfers, as well as digital wallets. Of the latter the most widely famous is PayPal and the most popular in online casinos are probably Skrill and Netler.

What you need to do is check the options the place where you plan to play has. See how they work for you and if nothing does, maybe change the virtual location. We recommend that you start with a payment method most familiar to you, until you get comfortable in online gambling and gain some experience based on which you can judge if you should try a new way to pay and pick up your winnings.

To conclude

Online casinos offer great experiences to their players, especially if you don’t enjoy crowds. If you do proper preparation we’re sure you will enjoy trying your luck. Just make sure you choose a safe place, know your bonuses and find your favorite payment method.

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