6 Tips to Keep in Mind While Looking for an Office Startup

August 16, 2022

Most startups begin from a home office. Due to added costs, some entrepreneurs even operate their office virtually with remote employees, which helps save up on office rent and utility costs.

However, this setup is not a long-term solution, and most businesses often need to change their outlook as they expand.

Once a business starts growing, it is quite likely for them to feel the need for a physical and spacious office area. Office space can make a huge difference in the way your startup operates.

A proper place for new and existing employees can help them focus better, accommodate more people and create a superb working environment.

The Jeff Tabor Group is a great company to reach out to if you are unsure of who to contact to get your hands on excellent office space. In this guide, we shall look at six tips to help you through the process.

Office Location

If the office is too far away from employees’ homes, it can cause a great deal of inconvenience, late reporting time, and tons of conveyance fees. A good location is also important if you wish to keep old employees. Many of them might leave if they feel like they have to travel too long or pay too much for traveling. Not only can a great physical location boost external success, but it works at the internal level too. In addition, ensure that the office area can be expanded if necessary.

Office Amenities

To save up on costs that you will incur for refurbishing, designing, or renovating your office startup, you must ensure it already has the most basic amenities. These include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Storage area
  • Snacks and free coffee
  • Printing/supplies section
  • Community/activity area
  • Common outdoor area

Once you ensure these, you might also want to make sure that the space you are picking allows the use of these amenities, as sometimes only private tenants are allowed to avail of these.

Make sure you separate a budget for renovation and construction of important office spaces in case they are missing.

Consider Your Budget

As a startup, it is pretty obvious that most businesses do not have a huge budget for office space. You may find the perfect location with basic amenities, but it is of no use if you cannot afford it. In a scenario where you have to make do with a smaller office space due to a tight budget, you can make use of smart tricks to ensure happy office days for everyone:

  • Install lockers
  • Use shelving bays
  • Make use of space-saving storage
  • Plan the office layout to ensure there are enough desks for everyone

Ensure You Have a Good Landlord

A bad landlord can make your life a living hell. With constant nudging, complaints, and increased service charges, you and your employees may get frustrated soon. To ensure you end up with a good landlord, you can talk to old tenants, other people that have rented space in their building, or even check reviews online. A one-on-one conversation prior to signing a deal can help you get a good idea of whether you and your landlord will get along easily.

Check for Hidden Costs

Once you have decided upon a budget and can easily deduce whether a certain office space is right for you, you must also not forget to look for hidden costs. Added costs or having to pay a huge monthly rent can stunt your company’s growth as you will have less left to invest in marketing and other business deals. Hidden costs you might want to consider include:

  • Internet fees
  • Parking costs
  • Utility bills
  • Water charges

Make sure to discuss all hidden costs with your landlord before signing an agreement. This also includes electricity plans and other maintenance charges.

Coincide With Company Culture

The office location is important, but so is the environment of the office space you pick. Not only should your office be spacious, but it should also have space for team activities and breaks. It should be clean and professional looking.

A breathable and creative space will boost productivity, enthusiasm, and inspiration. A gym, food station, clean bathrooms, and outdoor areas will prevent employees from feeling restricted or contained.


We hope you read till the end and found our guide useful. Picking an office space with the right location and budget is important, but you must not forget hidden costs, basic amenities, or the work environment. Keeping all of these in mind and working with an understanding landlord can help boost your company’s success.

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