7 Top Data Science Startups in 2021-2022

May 17, 2022

Judging by the state of technology, Data Science is the fuel that drives the future. Taking a good look at the corporate sector, you will find that data science can help predict the future or stability of that sector because data has become an important part of any progressive organization and society.

Through Data Science, any industry can create innovative products, make smart decisions, offer better customer services, and ensure that value is provided to stakeholders at all times because data science certification focuses on gathering insights from available data and applying the knowledge in problem-solving.

Recently a professional academic writer from AdvancedWriters.com, Joan Young, did some research on the importance of data science to the future and the top Data Science Startups for 2021 – 2022. In this article, we are going to spread some light on her insights and consider the ideas gathered from her study.

7 Top Data Science Startups in 2021-2022

According to her studies, the Data Science market will witness an inflow of revenue between 2020-2025 which will see the global revenue hit the $68.09 bn mark by 2025. This has led to an increase in the number of startups venturing into the big data market.

Among the few industries that expect employees to continuously grow, data science is one. Thus, data scientists are on a learning curve as their technology advances and careers progress.

There has been an explosion of startups in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence over the last few years. According to Lauren Bradshaw, by 2025 Global organizations should be creating 180 zettabytes of data.

In other words, if you are new to the field, many new small businesses that use data science could be a great place to start work. Startups can provide you with the opportunity to develop, and you can expect growth with them.

With that said, here are seven startup companies you should consider applying to if you are interested in putting your skills to the test.


MuSigma is one of the largest data science companies with a Unicorn in the United States. Through their unique ecosystem which features processes, people, and platforms, MuSigma works with more than 140 Fortune 500 companies to predict the future of their business using their data.

MuSigma currently has over three thousand five hundred data scientists on its payroll and has been named Microsoft’s preferred Analytics partner and Walmart’s Supplier of the year four different times. MuSigma is one of the top data science companies in the world and would fit any individual aspiring to build a data science career.


This is another top data science startup that is located in the UK and majors in Augmented Analytics. They provide simplified analytics through their in-depth platform that hides the rigors of data science and enables non-technical users to generate reports. Through machine learning models, the platform also reduces data preparation time by 80%.

Business managers can also make decisions that will increase productivity. This company can provide its services to different industries which include financial services, supply chain, advertising, retail, etc. If you want to improve your knowledge of data analysis and gather new skills, you can consider Avora as a reliable option.

Fractal Analytics

Fractal is another top data science and artificial intelligence company. They have devoted themselves to using AI to work with Fortune 500 companies through AI-powered decisions. They have built different AI products that will help business owners make better decisions in their businesses. They include;

Cuddle.ai to help Senior Executives and CEOs make better strategic and tactical decisions, and Qure.ai to help radiologists make a better diagnosis. Eugenie.ai to help with anomalies in high-velocity data and Theremin.ai to help investors make better investment decisions.

You can check out these products to get a better idea of the company’s services and the direction they are headed if you want to work with them.

Cognino AI

Another company that focuses on working with AI and data science is Cognino AI. Cognino is a data science startup that has made huge strides in AI and data science. Their findings have led them to create a research-based AI with experience in self-learning AI.

Their products help organizations engineer a quick data preparation model while providing meaningful insights. To assist their clients, the company has data scientists who train artificial intelligence systems to make large data sets. Whether you are interested in AI or not, Cognino can help you develop and work towards achieving great things.


Joshua Benamram, Evgeny Shulman, and Victor Shafran founded Databand in 2018. They are located in Israel TelAviv. Databand has developed software that allows clients to handle machine learning. The software enables companies to obtain their worldwide data view, manage their resource consumption, and complete workflow pipelines.

You can also add data bands into your data stack and integrate them into tools like Kubernetes, Apache Airflow, Spark, and other ML systems. If you want to learn about various data science tools and how you can integrate them to improve your learning experience, you can do so at Databand.

BRIDGEi2i Analytics

If you’re looking for that data science company that can help you drive digital transformation all around the world then you should consider BRIDGEi2i. They major in providing solutions to difficult business problems using contextual AI-powered insights. Through these insights, many businesses can drive digital transformation and expect positive results.

You can consider working here if you want to learn how to use AI-powered insights to drive digital transformation.


This is another data analysis startup that is excelling with an AI-powered sales system. This platform allows companies to manage a sales team, engage with prospects, help with marketing, and improve lead qualification and engagement.

The company communicates through chat and email to leads, allowing staff to free up time and automate repetitive tasks by utilizing natural language and artificial intelligence.

The data scientists at Exceed.ai can gain a lot of knowledge about natural language processing and artificial intelligence, making it the perfect place to work.


In recent years data science has grown rapidly. Because of this, many scientists are searching for companies that will help them improve their skills and keep up with the industry’s evolution. The data science industry is already seeing rapid progress as different startups are based on the subject. If you want a strong launchpad for your career as a data scientist, one of the startups listed above can be a great choice.

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