Best Group Video Maker Tools For Special Occasions

December 14, 2022

Special occasions mean gathering and having unlimited fun together. From sharing special moments to sharing gifts, we make sure it becomes an unforgettable memory. However, today the idea of get-togethers has changed a bit. Now you don’t have to be physically present to be part of the gathering. Thanks to advanced video maker tools, now you can join the celebrations from anywhere, anytime. The tools do not just make your presence felt but also act as a great gifting alternative in today’s time. It is the best and the most thoughtful present one can ever give on special occasions like a birthday, anniversary, graduation day, Mother’s or Father’s Day or any celebratory moment.

With so much to do with these tools, here we are listing the best group video-maker tools that are sure to make your special occasions more special.


Celebrate Buzz is one of those amazing tools that you can use to make group videos just like you want. Its easy-to-use interface lets you make videos in seconds. All you need to do is log in to the platform and follow a few simple steps to create your event page. Once the page is created, you can send its link to all your near and dear ones, asking them to upload their video clips for the occasion, within a specific timeline.

As soon as you get the clips from everyone, you can sort the best ones and collate them into a beautiful video slideshow. Further, you can personalize this video with your favorite music or song in the background.

You can even add images, graphics, and texts in your favorite font style to make it more alluring. After it is done, you can save the video and share it with your friends and family and even on social media. This is going to be an extremely heartwarming gesture that would be remembered for years.


This is the perfect tool if you want a lot of people to contribute their videos to you. Available at just $29, the tool can do wonders with its exclusive features and functionality. The tool offers an unlimited number of submissions and invites, and it is also very easy to invite others on the platform. You can either send an email from the website to your contributors or a link via text message or simply through social media.

The contributors can join the platform, record themselves, and directly upload the video on the website. Once all the videos are uploaded, you can sort them and collate them together using cool tool effects and features. The best part about Tribute is it lets you edit the videos professionally at just $99.


This video-maker tool has been with us for quite a few years. It makes making videos a fun process and is very easy to use. The platform lets you upload videos with ease and edit them without hassles. You can make your videos stand out by adding music and songs of your choice. With this tool, you can make any transitions you want.

Opening and closing effects can also be chosen from the platform itself. With a maximum length of 60 minutes, the group videos made using this tool can make any occasion memorable.

You can even add text or some readable stories for your viewers to make it more interactive. The tool is available at a subscription of $5.99 a month to $14.99 a month. Subscribe to bring out your creative side.


A very smooth tool, to begin with, Vidday offers an amazing group video-making experience. Available in good and affordable plans, the tool works perfectly for short group videos. It comes with a lot of cool editing features to show your creativity and is available at just $12 for 10 minutes.

You get the perfect length to showcase your short and sweet messages on occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. The tool also has an excellent organizational feature that helps you keep track of the participants.

Additionally, the tool lets you move and edit the video clips easily, rotate images, and include texts and photos wherever you want along with the option of adding background music as per your preference. The platform also lets you create lengthy videos of up to 170 minutes.


Kudoboard is different from traditional video-making tools. It compares itself to the digital version of a group birthday card which is normally passed among the team for wishes. But you won’t be limited to only scrawling and scribbling with pens, the tool gives you an opportunity to upload written messages individually.

You can also add personalized images, GIFs or even your own short videos. The finished product will come out as a dreamy scrapbook, consisting of everything from images, and videos to words.

The best part about Kudoboard is that you can use this platform for free up to 10 posts. For unlimited posts, you just have to pay $19.99. The platform also gives you the flexibility to share your created videos across different social media platforms or stream them live at the venue.

On top of that, you can even get it converted into a poster to hang on the wall as the most beautiful keepsake.

Create flawless group videos with the above-mentioned tools and make your special occasions a cherished memory. For, there’s nothing better than a video that can display all your emotions in a single frame.

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