Best Office Chairs for Under $200

Affordable comfort for your home office!

Getting the right office chair can feel daunting. There are so many styles on the market and they all promise the same things. How can you be sure that you will get a chair that you love that offers all the right features and functions for your needs?

Using this guide will make sure that you are able to get the right chair for your home office or even for the regular office with ease. You will be able to see all the features and functions of these products as well as find out who these chairs are best suited for. Being sure that you are getting the right office chair for your needs has never been easier and you can save hours of struggle shopping for an office chair that won’t break the bank.

If you are ready to find out which are the best office chairs for under $200, you need to keep reading!

Product Comparison Table: Best Office Chair for Under $200

Rating (Amazon)
Best in class
5.0 stars
Best product
4.5 stars
Best value product
4.0 stars
Cheapest product
5.0 stars
Best for tall people
5.0 stars
Best for small business

Best Office Chair for Under $200

The right office chair can make your day comfortable or very uncomfortable. There is a long list of back and neck injuries that can be prevented with the use of the right office chair as well. Being sure to take care of your comfort and your physical health while you are working each day is possible when you have the right office chair on your side!

Chairelax Mesh Office Chair

Product summary: This is a great quality chair that offers comfort at a really great price. This chair is rated for up to 300 lbs and you will be able to adjust every part of this chair to meet your comfort needs. This chair wheels around readily and the base is made to be stable and reliable. You can count on this chair to be comfortable all day and to offer the right s-curve back support as well.

The breathable mesh is easy to clean and stays soft and comfortable even with daily use. This is a well-made chair that will take care of your needs with ease.


  • Breathable mesh construction
  • Great price
  • Very adjustable


  • Instructions could be better
  • Might not have a tall enough back for some
  • Might be a little open in the back for some users


This is a really nice chair that has all the right design features that you will need for a quality work experience all day long. The chair assembles easily and adjusts fully to meet your needs. This chair can also handle up to 300 pounds, making it more versatile than many other chairs at this price point. This is a really nice chair for many different needs and it will hold up to daily use quite readily.

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Amazon Basics High-back Chair

Product summary: This chair is sold at a great price and you get a lot of really nice features when you pick it for your office chair. You will get leather material that can hold up to lots of use and that looks great and it comes in three colours. You will be able to trust the swivel base to hold up to leaning and tilting and you can push this chair smoothly from place to place as needed. The chair comes with a 1-year warranty as well as easy assembly instructions. 

This chair is BIFMA certified and the padded seat and arm supports are well-made and will distribute weight correctly when the chair is in use all day. The adjustments are simple and easy to make and you can adjust almost every part of this chair to fit your height and preferred comfort settings. 


  • Great price point
  • well-made
  • Easy to adjust


  • Only suitable for up to 220 pounds
  • Instructions could be more clear
  • Might not be tall enough in the back for some taller users


This chair is a great value for the price and you can trust Amazon to stand by their products. There is a quality 1-year warranty on this chair and you will find that it is well-made and durable. This chair will fit lots of different sizes of users although really tall people might need to look at a different chair with a longer back for more support.

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BestOffice Ergonomic Chair

Product summary: This is a nice chair for a really good price. If you want a good chair that will not break the bank, this is the one that you should pick for your needs. This chair offers excellent lumbar support and it rolls well on stable wheels that are attached to a durable base. This chair is also made with an improved seat-to-back ratio to take pressure off the backs of the legs and the lower back. 

You can trust this mesh chair to be durable and to clean well and it meets BIFMA standards with ease. This chair is easy to assemble and it is also simple to adjust to meet any height or weight needs that you might have for comfort.


  • Great price point
  • Durable mesh materials
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some people have issues with screws being the wrong shape for the holes
  • Wheels could be a little better quality
  • Instructions that come with the chair could be better


For a really affordable chair, this is a great choice for your office needs. You can count on this chair to be comfortable and to hold up well to daily use. You will also be able to use this chair even if you are taller and you will love that the seat is made to reduce pressure on the backs of your legs and your lower back.

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ERMS Big and Tall Office Chair

Product summary: If you need a chair that is made for big and tall people to use in comfort, this is the right chair for your needs. The chair is ergonomically designed and made to offer lumbar support in the right places for very tall people. You will love the stylish design of the chair and the supportive padding in all the right places.

This chair is sold at a great price and the materials are really excellent in quality. You will be able to clean this chair off with ease and even people who are both tall and heavier than normal will be able to sit on this chair in comfort for a whole workday. No more sore legs, back, or butt in this chair!


  • Great for tall and heavy users
  • Really nice quality materials and design
  • Easy to set up


  • Can be a little stiff for some preferences
  • Not as much tilt and swivel as some chairs
  • Some people do not like the added headrest


This is a really well-made chair that will handle all of your needs with ease if you are tall or have long legs. This is the right choice for an all-day comfort chair that will roll smoothly and will be adjustable to many different heights and weights as needed. You might not be able to use this chair if you are smaller than average, but almost anyone else will be comfortable in this chair all day at work.

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KERMS High Back Office Chair

Product summary: This is a really nice quality chair that offers lots of great comfort benefits and is made to stand up to lots of use. This chair has comfortable padded armrests and lots of lumbar support. It swivels readily and can be adjusted to suit the back angle, tilt, and position locks that you need for your height and size. You can count on the chair to be stable and for the stuffing in the cushion to hold up well to years of use.

This chair is easy to assemble and really easy to adjust which is nice. You will get all the tools that you need with your order to set up and make your chair fit you correctly. This chair also comes with a great warranty so that you can keep things in tip-top shape even if a part of your chair breaks or suffers an issue.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to set up and adjust
  • Great thick pad in the seat for added comfort


  • Price is higher than some chairs on this list
  • Might be too bulky for small people to sit in comfortably
  • Leather which is harder to care for than cloth


This is a great chair to choose from if you struggle to find office products with the right lumbar support for your needs. You will love the soft and comfortable seat that holds up to lots of use and the padded armrests are really nice as well. This is a well-made chair that will handle daily use with ease and you can count on it to roll smoothly and tilt the right amount to keep you from suffering an injury while you roll around.

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A Quality Office Chair Makes Your Day Better

Having a quality office chair can make all the difference between being comfortable while you are working or struggling with back pain or leg pain. Making sure that you take care of your body even when you are working at home is easy when you pick one of these great chairs for your home office needs.

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