Best Ways To Earn Money With Crypto in 2022

May 19, 2022

There are many ways to make a profit in the cryptocurrency industry. The interest in cryptocurrencies is on the rise since they have become a part of the financial mainstream. Many businesses and online ventures accept them as a payment method and the public has become familiar with the option.

That’s why more ways to make money out of crypto coins have come up, and there are more investors have joined in. This is about more than just Bitcoin mining sites that were popular at first – some of the financial opportunities in this area are quite traditional and don’t require you to be tech-savvy.


Investing in cryptocurrency is the most common way to earn. It’s similar to investing in foreign currencies which is a common practice. There’s a simple principle behind these investments – you buy a cryptocurrency at a certain price, you hold it, and sell it when it’s worth more.

There’s a lot of nuance within this and it’s never easy to find out which currencies will work well and continue to grow and which are just a trend. However, this is true for all the other investments as well.


Mining cryptocurrency coins is how the value is produced and that’s why it’s in a way the most important type of investment on our list. You can find the best mining sites on Truely and choose based on the reviews accumulated there.

Using cloud mining is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. This is because it doesn’t require the investors to purchase the equipment right away. Instead, it’s provided by the mining site, and you pay a fee for the right to use their equipment.

Selling Cryptocurrency

Selling cryptocurrency is in a way opposite to investing in it. The investment requires you to wait until the value of the currency has risen enough. Sales are made right away and so is the profit. It’s therefore based on the current state of the market. Many investors sell the coins they’ve made on Bitcoin mining sites as soon as their price is higher than the investment.

It’s also a part of the industry that is the most familiar to those who have traded in other fields. Selling foreign currency is common and if you’ve done that you’ll be able to sell cryptocurrency as well.


Once you’ve mined the coins on Bitcoin mining sites, you can use the wealth produced in this manner to lend as you would with a traditional fiat currency. The interest can be paid in Bitcoin or in fiat currency and some make arrangements to split the payments between the two.

It’s an easy enough way to make money with cryptocurrency but it does require you to create a contract that will clearly outline the responsibilities of both parties. This also means that you’ll probably need to pay taxes on it. Countries are starting to tax gains made from crypto now when it’s commonly used.

Cryptocurrency Social Media

Social media that runs on cryptocurrency is a novelty but it’s starting to take hold. You earn money by writing and creating posts on these social media sites and creating engagement as you would for any other.

Since it’s mostly a niche topic that concerns others that want to invest in this field, you earn cryptocurrency coins by writing about cryptocurrency and its many uses. However, as is the case with other opportunities to earn by creating content you need to provide useful and valuable information that your readers could take to the bank.

Sell a Crypto Mining Contract

Another way to quickly earn from cryptocurrencies is to sell the mining contract to another investor. These contracts usually last between one and three years depending on the arrangement you’ve made with the Bitcoin mining sites you’re using.

Not all sites allow you to sell the contract when you decide you’re not satisfied with it. This is still a young industry and many sites don’t plan that far ahead. If you want to have the option to get out of it quickly, you should make sure that this option is available to you.

There are Always Risks

All of the methods we mentioned allow you to earn from cryptocurrencies in one way or another. All of them also come with risks that are common in most financial interactions and therefore you need to be prepared for them before you start.

The cryptocurrency market has had its ups and downs over the years and these are common within the industry. In the long view of things, Bitcoin is on the rise in terms of value and in terms of how accepted it is, but in general what causes crypto to go up and down, like other financial assets, always comes with short term uncertainty. It’s an investment opportunity you should take advantage of and as is the case with any investment – you should diversify.

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