Commence Your Business In Italy Easily By Availing Dual Citizenship

August 9, 2022

It takes a significant financial commitment and effort to launch a business abroad, even in Italy. There are countless tasks listed for entrepreneurs. You must conduct a market analysis for your area, learn about consumer expectations, and research your competition. Then you’ll need to research the rules and laws and make financial arrangements.

But at the same time, Italy is also a great place for international business because it has accessible immigration choices and profitable markets. By availing Italian dual citizenship, the process of commencing a business will become quite easy. You can also get a consultation on Dual Italian Citizenship on and address all your immigration queries. Having said that, let’s learn about some basics.

What Is Italian Dual Citizenship?

Any nation grants you legal liberties and rights that aren’t available to tourists after you become a citizen. Being a citizen of more than one nation is possible, and you can show this by having passports from other countries. This is referred to as having dual citizenship or dual nationality.

If you want to live and work in Italy, either temporarily or permanently, without giving up your current national legal rights (or passport), having dual citizenship with Italy can be advantageous.

But did you know that Italy restricted the acquisition of dual citizenship until 1992? You did read that correctly. Thankfully, due to reform in the legislation, anyone with Italian ancestry may now be eligible for an Italian passport.

What’s The Process To Get Citizenship?

There are numerous ways in which you can qualify for dual citizenship. One of the easiest ways is to prove that your grandparents or great-grandparents were Italian. This process is also known as Italian citizenship by descent. Apart from this, you can avail citizenship by getting married to an Italian citizen through naturalization and investing in an Italian startup (as recommended by the government).

Whatever method you may choose, you’ll need the following documents:

  • Italian passport and copy of the birth certificate of your ancestor
  • Naturalization certificate of your ancestors
  • Your parent’s marriage certificate
  • Your birth certificate and marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Death certificate of parents or ancestors (if applicable)
  • Your application form, current passport, driver’s license, and declaration

Do I Need A Lawyer?

Getting in touch with a lawyer would be wise as they can help navigate you through the process of availing yourself of citizenship as soon as possible. They can inform you about the necessary documents and legal issues you might experience during the proceedings. If you are getting citizenship by descent, having a lawyer by your side would be of great help. They can help describe the family tree to showcase your connection with your Italian ancestor.

So, make sure to hire a well-qualified and reputed lawyer when applying for dual citizenship in Italy.

What Benefits Will Your Business Avail?

Having dual citizenship offers you an array of benefits, from the ease of traveling to owning a property. Let’s learn about some of its perks for your business.

  • Right To Own A Property: As a country citizen, you can invest in real estate for various reasons. It could be a residential property or commercial. Having your own commercial property will help save rental costs for your business. Besides, you need not worry about relocating to a new place due to the limited residency period; you can live and operate your business for as long as you want.
  • Ease In Travel: Italian dual citizenship allows you to travel to any of the 27 EU countries. Yes! You read it right. You need not worry about availing a visa (including a work visa) for traveling to any of the EU countries. This will benefit your business during its expansion as it will help save time. There will be fewer (if not zero) restrictions for overseas travel, that’ll make international business operations easy.
  • Employment Benefit: Business owners with dual citizenship struggle less with the commencement of business because they have shared currencies. They also enjoy the benefit of one economic zone within the EEC. Similarly, investors with Italian passports can invest in foreign securities such as real estate, unit trusts, investment funds, and Eurobonds without any restrictions.

To Sum It All Up

Business expansion overseas offers numerous advantages to entrepreneurs in regard to better brand awareness, a new target market, and higher sales. However, availing of dual citizenship amplifies these benefits with lower restriction, time and monetary benefits, and more. So, make sure to consult a reputed lawyer and avail Italian citizenship as soon as possible.

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