Common Beer Brewing Mistakes That Can Damage Your Business

May 8, 2023
Common Beer Brewing Mistakes That Can Damage Your Business

Brewing beer is an art, and you must follow the process carefully because it involves various steps. Using high-quality brewing equipment with these steps can produce delicious results! As a business owner, you know how important it is to deliver quality beer to your customers. Learning the most common beer brewing mistakes that can damage your business will allow you to address any problems before they can strike.

Hop Creeping

Adding flavor and aroma with hops will improve the brew, but you must add them at the right time. You can add hops at one of two points in the brewing process: add them to the cereal mix or during fermentation. To avoid refermentation and a spoiled batch of beer, you must add the hops when this process begins to slow, typically after three or four days.

Poor Temperature Control

Temperature plays an important role during every step of the brewing process because it dictates the beer’s quality. High-quality brewing equipment makes monitoring and adjusting the temperature easy. Depending on the beer’s stage, the temperature could range from 45 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Improper Sanitation

Cleaning and sanitizing your equipment is the best way to prevent contamination during the brewing process so foreign elements don’t mix with the beer. You can use small amounts of bleach, specialized cleaners, or with acid-based sanitizers. Stainless steel equipment simplifies cleaning and enables you to maintain a safe environment at your business.

Incorrectly Preparing the Wort

Wort comes from a mix of cereals that allow the yeast to ferment, so pay attention to the cereal’s characteristics. When crushing the cereal, you need to mix 1.5 quarts of water per pound of grain. A common beer brewing mistake is adding too much water, making the cereal pasty and causing it to stick to the equipment; insufficient water will pulverize the cereal, so measure the ingredients accurately.

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