Common Obstacles To Overcome When Cold Calling

October 26, 2022
Common Obstacles To Overcome When Cold Calling

When beginning a sales career, some responsibilities could make you feel apprehensive. Cold calling is one task that several novices run into some trouble with. Learning the common obstacles when cold calling and how to overcome them can turn you into a legendary salesperson.

Not Having a Game Plan

There are pros and cons to having a script when you make cold calls. Some try to avoid scripts because they tend to come off as robotic. While not having a prepared spiel makes you more personable, it also could lead to you stumbling over your words because you have no set direction. Rather than aimlessly meander through a conversation, use a script and pre-call notes to reference and naturally hammer these points home during the conversation. If you fly from the cuff, you may forget vital information that would interest the client, so have a game plan.

Breaking the Barrier

Most businesses have plenty of information available that gives you an idea of who potential customers are before you pick up the phone. If not, you should do some extra digging because you don’t want to waste time on people who do not influence the buying decision. Assuming you found your target, you want to remain cordial but don’t want to appear unprofessional. Talking to them as if they are your friend has its limits, so do enough to lighten the mood but not too much that it bothers them.

Calling at the Wrong Time

A perfectly crafted plan may all go for naught if you don’t call at a convenient time. Throughout the lead generation process, you should have a general idea when it’s the best time to make a call. One tip for knowing the best time to call is that decision-makers prefer calls earlier in the day. Now, please don’t stare at the clock and strike the second they’re open for business. Give them time to settle in, check their e-mails, fill their coffee mug, and then give them a buzz. They will be in a better mood when they are most comfortable, so figure out a precise time to call for the best results.


Finally, the key problem that develops from cold calling is the inevitable rejections. A string of denials may cause the strongest person to lose confidence, questioning everything they do. However, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and trying your best are imperative. Accept that rejections are a part of the game, and don’t get too demoralized if you are on a cold streak.

Recognizing the common obstacles to overcome when cold calling can help you curtail any uneasy feelings about yourself and the calls you make. Realizing that these problems are all-inclusive and not strictly your problem should put you in a positive mindset to keep trucking along and make those sales.

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