Dollar Hand’s Launches Loans Connection Service in the US

June 23, 2022

An exciting new startup has arrived, dedicated to helping customers borrow money in a quick and convenient manner. Dollar Hand, an online brokerage service, uses technology to allow borrowers to find the most competitive rates for loans in the US. 

Co-founder Justine Gray explained “We appreciate how challenging life has become with increased living costs so we have designed a streamlined online process to help our customers get access to the funds that they need in the snap of a finger”.

Borrower requests, for loans between $100 to $35,000, are paired with reputable lenders who are able to provide almost instant loan offers. Better yet, if the customer’s loan application is approved, dollars could be in their hands within 1 hour, 24 hours or by the next business day. “Those wanting to borrow smaller loans such as $300 or $500 could even receive funds within 15 minutes” confirmed Gray.

With lots of different loan products available ranging from payday loans to bad credit loans, bank loans and credit unions, the wide variety of options enables borrowers to find the service best suited to their borrowing requirements and other factors including income, employment, age, demographic, location, monthly expenses and more.

Loans through Dollar Hand are available in a number of US states where lending is legal, including California payday loans and other popular states for borrowing small amounts such as Florida and Texas. There are also affordable options under 36% APR in states where there is a price cap in place such as Illinois and New York. Their online platform also means that applicants can request a loan whilst they are out and about or relaxing in the comfort of their home on a mobile, tablet or computer.

Dollar Hand prides itself in standing out from typical lending services as it does not charge its customers any fees and its system uses soft searches that do not leave any visible footprint on applicants credit record. “Enabling these checks to take place without impacting our customer’s credit score is of the utmost importance to us.” added Gray. 

“We have found that a lot of our early customers have less than perfect credit scores and often may be trying a number of different brokers or websites to find affordable finance. So to be able to offer a free, fully online matching service that increases your chances of getting a viable loan offer – we believe that this is a very strong proposition.”

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