Emerging FinTech Stars: Innovative Startups Transforming the Financial Landscape

January 29, 2024

The startup ecosystem in the Netherlands has seen a boom in the recent years. Spanning multiple sectors including manufacturing, sales, transportation, education, training, E-commerce, automotive, and more, these companies are reshaping their respective industries. ‘s-Graveland and ‘s-Gravendeel, situated in Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland respectively, are home to some of these innovative startups we will highlight today.

These startups are playing significant roles in pushing the limits of innovation, creating solutions to better serve customers and creating job opportunities for many. They are also contributing to the growth of the economy and are well on track to becoming the leaders in their respective fields in the near future.

In this feature, we explore a number of powerhouse startups that have made waves in their respective industries, analyze their offerings, and showcase the impressive work these firms are achieving in their domains. Dive in to find out more about these innovative companies.


Headquartered in ‘s-graveland, Eurosort is a leading player in the manufacturing, sales, and transportation industry. The company offers an array of customizable sorters, optimising warehousing and distribution applications. With a strong focus on e-commerce order fulfilment, postal sorting, kitting, and more, Eurosort is renowned for their top-notch solutions catering to a variety of unit sortation challenges.


Also based in ‘s-graveland, INVK is shaping the education, non-profit, and training sectors. Committed to providing quality education and creating a lasting impact, INVK continues to innovate and drive forward, building a better future through knowledge sharing and education.


BookSpot is an E-commerce company specializing in e-books and online content. Based in ‘s-graveland, the company offers a vast range of digital books, enhancing the reading experience for book lovers across the globe.

Pos Service Holland

As the name suggests, Pos Service Holland is in the automotive, retail, and wholesale industry. From its ‘s-graveland base, the company has become a central pillar of the local and international automotive industry.

Bard 87

Bard 87 is a ‘s-graveland based startup specialising in graphic design, personal branding, and web design. They provide innovative designs and digital solutions that not only capture the essence of a brand but also communicate effectively with audiences.


In the automotive and E-commerce industries, Bandenthuis has become an integral player. Based in ‘s-graveland, the startup provides quality automotive products across the Netherlands and Europe.

Fishing Info Europe

From ‘s-graveland, Fishing Info Europe operates in the adventure travel, boating, and marine transportation sector. They provide comprehensive information for fishing enthusiasts, contributing to the growth of the recreational fishing industry.

Bickery Food Group

The Bickery Food Group, located in ‘s-graveland, is a significant player in the food and beverage, transportation, and warehousing industry. They cater to a wide range of clients, providing quality food products and exceptional service.

Viscon Group

Moving to ‘s-Gravendeel, Zuid-Holland, we have the Viscon Group. Founded by Jan Visser, the startup offers industrial automation solutions in the agriculture and food industry. They design efficient, reliable, cost-effective and creative production processes that enable businesses to grow and adapt.

Visser Horti Systems

Also based in ‘s-Gravendeel, Visser Horti Systems specialises in various services within the agricultural sector. They provide transplanters, seeders, tray fillers, packaging, and more, making them a one-stop-shop for agricultural needs.

DCM Agency

Finally, we have DCM Agency, a ‘s-Gravendeel based startup in the advertising and B2B sectors. DCM Agency provides reliable and innovative advertising solutions aimed at driving growth for businesses in the digital age.

The Netherlands’ startup scene continues to thrive, with each of these companies leading the way in their respective industries. Their contribution to the economy and the technological innovation they provide keeps the country at the forefront of the global startup scene. The future is certainly bright for these promising startups.

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