Here is The Best Project Management Software Available for Startups: Buying Guides and Reviews   

April 20, 2022

Here is The Best Project Management Software Available for Startups: Buying Guides and Reviews

It is estimated that millions of individuals start their enterprises each year. Several difficulties come with being a part of or operating a new firm. Some of the issues that startup businesses encounter include putting together a team, ensuring that everyone is on the same page, and managing a budget that is generally minimal at first.
For a startup to succeed, it must have the proper project management software in place, but there are several options out there that may help alleviate some of the stress and give your company the greatest possible chance of success.

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At a glance:

Best Overall

✅ Endlessly customizable and quite powerful

✅ Supports automations, input from web forms, proofing and approvals.

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✅ Planning and setting objectives with the team.

✅ Flexible and customizable in terms of setting up a workflow.

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Best invoicing

✅ Can manage both projects and ongoing work.

✅ New intelligent features flag projects at risk of slipping.

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✅ Keep an overview.

✅ Extensive customization of virtual workplace.

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✅ Great customization options.

✅ Billing and invoicing included.

✅ Free account available.

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How to choose the best project management software for startups?

At first glance, it may seem impossible to even contemplate the need for software, much less make a decision on which one to use. As a project manager, you need a platform that works not just for you, but your whole team. So, here are the most crucial things to remember:

  • Price: Project management software suppliers increasingly provide free trials for bigger organizations in addition to free options for small teams that just require basic features. As with every project, determining what features are vital and which ones aren’t is one of the most critical components. Any additional fees should also be taken into consideration.
  • Sharing and Collaboration: For a project management system to be effective, team members must be able to interact and collaborate in several ways. The project management team should properly assess any new information before making any modifications. Sharing and collaboration technologies are employed as a consequence.
  • Integrations: For many people today, technology might be a challenge to utilize since they don’t fully grasp the concepts behind it. This will save you and your team time and money by eliminating the need to learn how to use the project management software from the beginning. Create your templates if you want to get up and running as quickly as possible. It’s easy to stay on top of all your files and duties with the help of your preferred program.
  • Ease of Use: The number of people working on a project has an impact on both the costs and the timeliness of the project. Consider both the present and future scope of your project when picking a project management software platform. This money may be necessary for large-scale projects or firms that are expanding rapidly.
  • User Count: The number of persons involved in a project affects both the project’s expenses and production time. When selecting a project management software platform, consider both the current and future scope of your project. This funding may be required for major initiatives or businesses experiencing fast expansion.
  • Time: For example, by completing your tasks more quickly, project management software may save you money since it reduces wasted time. You may end up saving money in the long run, even though a piece of software costs money upfront.

Consider the components and objectives of your project before deciding on project management software. While developing a strategy, keep in mind the potential of a budget when you come up with what you’ll say and do. When working on your project, don’t employ any tools that don’t fulfill all of your requirements.

Best Project Management Software for Startups

Smart Sheet Review: Best overall Project Management software

Due to its automation capabilities and speed, Smartsheet is a great choice for new businesses looking to streamline their operations without committing significant resources to more costly project management software systems.
Smartsheet is a time-saving tool for organizing and executing research tasks. When you share documents with your team, you’ll be able to keep them up to speed on upcoming objectives and deadlines at the same time. 

Consult the learning section if you have difficulties with your project and peruse numerous books. Everyone on your team can use Smartsheet because of its user-friendly interface and diverse set of features. It is much more user-friendly than some of the others. Teams may collaborate on files by storing them in a centralized location.

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It is possible to meet the needs of a wide range of users by customizing Smartsheet. The app’s form feature allows users to construct custom briefing and intake materials. Because users may design their forms, large amounts of data can be handled fast. Personal information about users may be stored in a variety of ways in addition to publishing photographs or files.
In addition to its core features, Smartsheet can now integrate with a broad variety of third-party software. To keep track of visual workloads, many dashboards, analytics, and charts may be used.

Data summaries for project managers are made simple and quick thanks to the familiarity of the spreadsheet-like interface. They’ll be able to put it to greater use as a consequence of this.
Customers with three or more Smartsheet users must pay $7 per month. A 30-day risk-free trial period is also available.

Monday Project Management Review: Most user-friendly will enable you to develop an adaptive strategy that will address a lot of problems. A large database is rendered simple and easy to use by the application’s pleasant, intelligent, and innovative user interface, which encourages daily work on the database of the user. makes it simple to manage your projects, and you may assign work to other members of your team. Each project’s progress may be monitored and communicated to the rest of the team using Monday.

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Depending on the number of metrics you have available, allows you to break down a project into smaller jobs. Text, links, numeric fields, and many more data types may be used to input statistical data. Text data is the most common. There is no limit on how the data may be entered by the end-user. A product or property’s characteristics may be summarised on a single page. allows its users to quickly share files and comments. As you hover over the properties and other items you’re working with, the notes and files linked with them appear. The use of for project management has various benefits. You have a wide range of options at your disposal. Track your progress and get personalized comments if you are a Monday client. If users can post project-related items on a bulletin board, they may be more inclined to work together. DropBox, Mailchimp, Jira, and Slack integrations are other possible options.

Consumers will be able to see how much money they’ve spent in the previous month and year as of the beginning of the following month, and marketers will have access to that data as well. This product’s usability and accessibility have helped organizations of all sizes. Using’s templates, you can quickly and easily create new processes. Using a template, new sheets may be made quickly and efficiently. On Monday, March 25th, project management templates will be available for immediate download. You may change the wording in any of’s themes to make it your own. Monday clients may keep using the program for $8 a month after a free trial.

Wrike Review: Best invoicing

It’s as simple as moving a folder in Wrike and everything from charts and drawings to timelines will follow. This simplifies the process of prioritizing tasks.

Wrike’s project management software makes it easy to organize assignments by department and agency. For those that have a well-developed API, your whole month’s job may be completed in one report.

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Wrike’s creative auditing tools allow organizations to keep tabs on projects, processes, and real-time edit feedback. Because of this, it’s easier for designers to make the modifications they need to. An established process may benefit greatly from adding video editing and markup.

All kinds of projects may be managed using Wrike. You can also view what your teammates are working on and how much they have on their plate, as well as swiftly create new projects and assign them to appropriate folders.

There is no learning curve when using Wrike’s lessons and resources since they are so comprehensive. Firms and projects might benefit from using this technology. Pre-made templates come in handy for a variety of projects, including team building and home construction.

If you have any questions, the Wrike Assistant is always here to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact the company’s customer service if you have any queries or issues regarding the products. You’ll be blown away by the Wrike team’s enthusiasm and expertise. Manage your projects using free software. Wrike is the finest of the best. When it comes to task and time management, Wrike is the go-to app in the business world.

These time-saving techniques have made project management simpler than ever before. Wrike’s project management software makes it easy to get things done. Wrike documents may be edited by anybody with dashboard access. Currently, Wrike is the only tool that can manage projects and provide reports. It is possible to tailor dashboards and budgeting tools to meet the individual needs of each user. Ideas and discoveries may emerge from a Wrike collaboration effort. Project management has been simplified from corporate strategy to product creation. It’s getting more and more customary to share files across departments.

ClickUp Review: Most comprehensive

Adding repeating tasks is straightforward with ClickUp. Additionally, ClickUp may be accessed through a web browser, an app, or a mobile device. If you’re working on a large project and want to see how things are progressing, you may do so using ClickUp.

As a convenient one-stop shop, ClickUp is a great choice for anybody in any organization. In ClickUp, you can also create tasks and subtasks for the whole team to see. Managing your tasks is a breeze with ClickUp’s project management software’s basic interface.

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An overall picture of the project and a deeper understanding of each component’s current status may be obtained using a program like ClickUp. Things go more easily when everyone on the team uses and is acquainted with the same project management hub.

Teams may now more easily get involved using ClickUp, which has led to a decrease in mistakes. This is a great way to stay on top of your to-do list between emails and meetings. If you use ClickUp, you’ll save a lot of time and effort. Administrative and marketing responsibilities, as well as project and task management, are all housed in a single location. CRM and property data may also be stored on ClickUp’s interface. For its capacity to track and handle issues, ClickUp has been praised as a solid project management tool. The program is much less expensive than its competitors. Software updates and patches are often made accessible online to keep customers up to date on the progress of their projects.

Using tools like task templates and checklists, it is possible to organize tasks in a way that makes it easier to sort and filter activities and quickly change the assigned responsibilities. Visualization tools include, but are not limited to, Gantt charts, timelines, calendars, and the like.

Teamwork Review: Most affordable

Project management software Teamwork is straightforward to use. Tasks, plans, and people are no trouble to manage. Because it is cloud-based, collaboration is also relatively straightforward to use and is incredibly accessible.
Teamwork’s pricing plans vary from as low as $0 to as much as $18. For beginning firms, there is a free one-year trial available.

Using this technology, you can keep an eye on your personnel from afar, ensuring that your department operates smoothly and fulfills all of your requirements.

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Customers, suppliers, and project managers may all benefit from Teamwork’s time tracking and communication features. Collaborative initiatives between customers and project managers may help keep teams on track and motivated.
The task of a project manager would be substantially more burdensome if Teamwork wasn’t there to aid. Using it, team members may collaborate from any location due to its ease.

The most current version of any project may be accessed by everyone with access to a folder. Everyone on this team has proved their ability to properly delegate. Managing performance and data has never been simpler for managers of any size because of the system’s easy architecture.

Zoho Review – Honourable Mention

Zoho is a really great choice if you need access to quality integrations that can be used for a variety of different needs. You might not want to manage all of your processes within this project management tool and integrations that work reliably are really important to this goal.

The chart generation with this tool is really excellent and you can automate many features which are very helpful for time-saving.

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Charting and critical route monitoring are only two of the things this application has to offer. You may alter the themes and other information presented for each individual work, and you can develop your own user templates that are tailored to your most often performed jobs. When you choose this tool, you receive free onboarding to assist you learn how to utilise all of the software’s numerous capabilities. Users may easily assign projects and objects to one another.

In addition to Zoho’s core services, including as books, CRM, and finance, you can also connect to Google, Slack, Drive, Microsoft, Jira, Dropbox, GitHub, and a slew of other third-party apps. By using the many connectors available, you’ll have complete control over tracking and utilising almost any feature or function in this programme. This includes anything from invoicing to project assignments and spreadsheets. In addition, the monthly fee for each user is just $4, and you may choose to be invoiced yearly to save money by doing so.

Summary – The best project management software for startups

With the help of this software, a bigger team may work on a single project at the same time. These are the most important parts of an organization’s structure: planning, delegation, management, and supervision. 

Workplaces may be customized to meet the unique requirements of each employee using Smartsheet’s seemingly endless array of features. Collecting data from your team has never been easier when using Smartsheet’s forms. The method’s broad range of uses makes it simple to use. To collaborate, having all of your options laid out in front of you and the ability to generate many sheets and reports at once is essential, and Smartsheet allows this.

Monday Project Management

You have the option to make your organization’s boards public or private. Using, your team may create a customized project plan for free.


It is possible to create a wide variety of visual presentations using the extensive collection of capabilities provided by this application. If you want people to talk about your products, you need these attributes. Keeping everyone up to speed on the progress of the project is simple. Using tags and the inbox function, you can keep track of all of your chores.


Using this project management software, you may swiftly and effectively organize and plan your work. Collaboration and information sharing might benefit greatly from this new technology. At any one time, someone may be using this app to keep an eye on the project. In terms of meaningful integration options, it’s the only Wiki-related program that comes even close to it.


Track your workdays using this app. If you monitor the progress of the project, it will be much simpler to allocate tasks and projects. When using the management solutions offered by this organization, additional duties may be entered into the system via the same user interface.


It is possible to utilize third-party applications and assign and remove tasks using widgets. Using a suitable charting tool, each activity may be shown in a variety of ways.

You may save a lot of time and work by centralizing all of the information related to your project in one location. Compared to the previous method to project management, this new one will seem to be an improvement. Using the finest project management software is a great way to simplify your work.

Before making a final purchase choice, you should carefully assess these programs to guarantee that your creative tasks are done to their maximum extent.

Project management software for startups FAQs

Why is project management software important?

Project management software is very helpful to track all of the steps of the projects that you are managing. You will be able to see all of the stages and steps of your project as well as the tasks that have to be completed within each stage when you use this kind of software. This is an important product for project management because everyone working on the project will be able to see everything they need to know about it at a glance. Being able to create shared timelines, calendars and tasks can be very helpful for any kind of project.

What are the uses of project management software?

This kind of software tool is made to help businesses and groups track tasks, timelines, calendar activities, and more in one location. Project management tools help large groups to collaborate more effectively and to maintain communication during all of the stages of the tasks that need to be done for a job. These kinds of tools can also help with invoicing and billing and they can help with communication with vendors and freelancers.

What are the types of software management for projects?

Most project management software tools are designed to track deadlines and work that a group is sharing. This can mean that freelancers, vendors, and other external workers can use the tool as well as internal team members. The other kind of software tool for this need is one that allows for invoicing along with project timeline management and team collaboration. Most of these tools will be made to offer all of the same features but invoicing and time management tools are typically only included in some of these softwares.

What are the main characteristics of software for project management?

These softwares are made to offer timeline management tools, task creation, and management tools, project widgets that allow for document links and uploads to be shared, and they offer shared calendars. The best of these tools will also allow invoicing and billing management. You will be able to track every kind of action that is needed for your project to be a success.

What are the types of activities in project management?

Project management requires sharing information with other team members and as a project manager, you must be sure that every aspect of your project is completed correctly and on time. Project management also requires invoicing and billing and work with freelancers and external workers of all kinds. The right project management software will make it possible to track all of these activities with ease in one location. Being able to share all the relevant information and timelines for a project in one location is critical to its success.

What are the Key Features of Project Management Software?

Project management software offers all the tools and features that are needed to manage a project with ease. You will get access to shared calendars, timelines that help track deadlines, sharing locations that allow for link sharing, access sharing, and document downloads. You will also get chat and discussion functionality that allows for everyone to talk about who needs to do what within each task. Task creation and management is also a part of these tools and with some of these softwares you can even track invoicing and billing.

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