How To Know When To Take Your iPhone To The Service Center

May 5, 2023

Most people don’t know that their iPhones need regular service to maintain optimal performance and to fix potential problems. Factors like falls, water, and heat can also impact your screen and device, rendering the phone inoperable in some cases.

In the worst-case scenario, your iPhone won’t turn on at all, and it doesn’t have to get there. There are tell-tale signs that signify your phone needs professional service or repair. The service can include cleaning, software re-installation, screen replacement, or battery replacement.

Regardless, keeping your phone running smoothly requires the attention of pros, and here are signs that you need to take your iPhone to the service center.

Stuck Volume Buttons

Your volume buttons can get stuck, making it impossible to control the volume of your audio or calls. In this case, you must go to “Settings” to adjust your volume as needed. While this works, it’s inconvenient and frustrating.

Physical volume buttons are convenient and improve your phone’s overall experience when calling or listening to music. So, when your buttons fail to work, you’ll need to repair or replace them. Your technician will determine the ideal solution after inspecting your phone.

Poor Battery Health

Low battery life is a common problem in most phones, and you’re likely to experience this problem after using your iPhone for some time. The good thing is that iPhones usually show your battery health, so it’s easy to monitor your battery performance.

You can check your battery health by going to “Settings” and scrolling down to “Battery.” Click it and then click “Battery Health.” The figure at “Maximum Capacity” is your battery’s performance relative to when it was new.

So, if your capacity starts falling below 80%, you must consider replacing the battery. With an insufficient capacity, your battery will likely drain faster, especially when playing games, listening to music, or using maps. This will force you to charge your phone regularly or get a power bank.

Unexpected Shutdowns

Your iPhone can also shut down unexpectedly for various reasons, including app crashes, software bugs, high temperatures, glitches due to everyday use, and water damage. Some people can address this problem by updating their software or uninstalling certain apps.

If you suspect water damage, take out the SIM card tray and use a flashlight to look inside. If the LCI is red, then water has penetrated your device, and that’s the cause of the shutdown or refusal to power on at all.

Bear in mind that unexpected showdowns also occur due to poor battery capacity and overheating. Regardless, if typical fixes don’t work for you, you must take your phone to the service center for inspection and repair.

Unresponsive Screen

Sometimes, your screen might freeze for a few seconds between tasks, which can be frustrating. For most people, restarting the phone can help address the problem, getting them back to what they were doing.

However, if you experience an unresponsive or freezing screen quite often, it’s wise to schedule a visit to the service center. If the phone is new and you’re experiencing this problem, you will likely qualify for a replacement.

A freezing screen can be a software or hardware issue, and only pros can help determine the cause if simple solutions like rebooting, resetting, or uninstalling certain apps fail to address the problem.

Cracked or Broken Screen

Most broken screens start as a simple crack, which is a clear reason you need a screen replacement. You can delay the replacement because your phone is still working, but you will need it at some point.

As the crack worsens, it impacts the touch functionality of your iPhone, and it might also chip your fingertips. Rather than postponing the replacement, it’s better to visit a service center as soon as possible.

Broken Camera

Today, the camera has become a handy tool, and the ability of mobile phones to support high resolutions has been a game changer. With the widespread use of social media, people want the best shots and clips for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

So, a broken camera can be a devastating problem for most people. If you notice your pictures are fuzzy, burry, or your phone has poor focus, you might be in need of a repair. Sometimes, a simple cleaning procedure can help you get the quality you need.

Or, the service center can replace the camera lens cover or the camera itself.

Slow Charging or Charging Failure

A phone that doesn’t charge or charges slowly is usually upsetting. This happens due to several reasons, including a dirty charging port, a broken or damaged cable, or a damaged adapter. In some cases, you might be experiencing a failing charging system on your device.

If you can pinpoint the problem, then you need to seek professional help. Usually, buying a new cable or cleaning the charging port can help fix the problem. Otherwise, the service center will do a remarkable job of fixing your phone.

Keep Your Phone in Great Condition

Today, mobile phones are more than just communication devices. You can use them for work, photography, or online research. This underscores their importance in our everyday lives, so it’s vital to ensure your phone is always running optimally.

The experience of a slow or damaged phone can be frustrating when you need your phone the most. For example, you don’t want to struggle with an unresponsive phone during an emergency or a poor battery capacity when traveling. It can be quite a nightmare.

Instead, it’s advisable to get your phone fixed or serviced as needed, especially when you notice something unusual. Even if your iPhone falls or is exposed to water and exhibits no issues, it’s wise just to have it checked by experts to prevent costly repairs in the future.

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