Not My Fault: The Many Causes of Wrongful Death

October 27, 2021

Life is just full of surprises. There are times when these are some of the most incredible blessings you can ever receive. However, there are also times when some of these happenings are tragic and horrible such as wrongful deaths.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about these wrongful deaths is that they could have avoided them if the other party wasn’t negligent about different details. With this, some consider hiring a wrongful death attorney houston has for them. Nevertheless, before filing any petition, it’s best to know more about wrongful death claims.

The Wrongful Death Claim

Wrongful death is a claim against an individual or group who could be liable for a death. Usually, a personal injury comes before this claim, and the death could be caused by the future defendant neglecting the victim’s condition. However, in some cases, wrongful death could be caused by the defendant intentionally. Nevertheless, wrongful death is applicable if the victim has a personal injury and is killed by the defendant. Note that there is a wrongful death statute of limitations in Illinois.

This may seem easy to identify a wrongful death claim, but there are multiple layers of wrongful death claims. These come in the form of different causes.

Vehicular Accidents

The most common incidents involving injuries and deaths in the United States comes from vehicular accidents. These include head-on collisions, rear-end accidents, SUV rollovers, and intersection crashes.

As most people know, car accidents can be dangerous because of the long list of possible injuries. Burns, cuts, and facial injuries are the best-case scenario in these incidents. However, they can range from worse with bone fractures and back injuries to the worst with brain trauma, amputations, and even death.

When meeting an accident with commercial drivers of buses, trucks, and other big rigs, the company may be liable for the claim.

Aviation Accidents

Although not as common as a regular car accident, planes and other aircraft may also have wrongful death claims. One example of these incidents is a scheduled flight from one location to another.

In this wrongful death claim, the pilot may be responsible for the death of a hundred people or more due to a mistake made while flying the aircraft. The aeroplane crew could also be liable for blocking aisles or failing to assist others. Finally, in something less morbid, death could be caused by food allergies that a crew member gave to the passenger.

Medical Malpractices

The hospital is no exception to a wrongful death claim either. It is a fact that many people risk their lives through operations to make their lives better hopefully. However, sometimes they don’t pull through. Unfortunately, there are also cases when the negligence of the hospital staff causes death.

It could be something as simple as giving the wrong medicine, or it could be a mistake in the surgery process. Either of the two is grounds for compensation from the doctor and or the hospital.

Workplace Injuries

Construction areas are known for the heavy machinery being operated in their sites, and all workers should be careful of everything. If they aren’t, this would result in some severe injuries and, sometimes, the death of their workers. The same goes for any place of work such as a corporate office with the number of illnesses it could potentially bring.

Of course, wrongful death cases are not only limited to the four causes states above, and there are others that most aren’t aware of, such as maritime accidents, fires and explosions, environmental pollutions, and nursing home negligences.

All of these are potential wrongful death claims as they involve the death of individuals due to negligence or intention. These are tragic moments, but all must be aware of the nature of the case before any further actions and claims are stated.

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