Okha Lounge: The Start-Up Taking Shisha To Your Door

March 26, 2021

Shisha is becoming more and more popular in the UK, and Shisha bars are popping up on every corner. This delightful and traditional social opportunity is one of the few service industry options that is still able to be open during the pandemic.

This is because hookah smoking usually involves sitting a bit apart from one another and lounging on couches while smoking and talking. It is easier to set up social-distanced lounge time for this activity than it is to handle dining-in and other features of pre-pandemic life.

However, this is not a solution in many ways because there are so many people who want to be able to go to their Shisha lounge, and there is not enough room for them to go when they want. As lockdowns come and go, Shisha bars also get closed down for sit-in Shisha time.

Enter Start-ups

Thankfully for Shisha lovers, there is a start-up solution for your lack of Shisha lounge time. Using the model that has made many services that deliver food to customers for restaurants, start-ups have started to tackle the job of making Shisha delivery a possibility.

Shisha in Chester is at the forefront of this movement, and Okha Lounge has jumped right into the fray to embrace this new way of reaching customers. The delightful Shisha bar offers up wonderful flavours and typically hosts movie nights and other fun gatherings at their lounge location.

With the pandemic stretching out into 2021, Okha Lounge decided that it was time to make some adjustments. Leveraging social media and start-up assistance to get this great idea off the ground, Okha lounge is one of the first Shisha Chester locations to offer delivery services to its customers!

Imagine being able to order a premium Shisha flavour and have it show up at your home the next day! That is the goal of Okha Lounge, and they stand by this plan wholeheartedly.

Start-ups have seen the possibility for this service option, and the pairing of start-up ingenuity with a product that is easily deliverable through virtual means has been instantly successful. This model indicates that start-ups and other service industry businesses will be able to pair up to create solutions as well.

Shisha in Chester is Setting the Standard

There has been an uptick in Shisha locations in the UK, but Shisha in Chester seems to have really hit the ground running with the delivery idea. This area is a great location to reach out to if you are looking for delivery Shisha.

This pairing of technology and innovative thinking on the part of Shisha Lounge owners is a good example of the kind of flexibility that will be needed for small business, and the self-employed to survive the current state of affairs that has been brought about by the pandemic.

This kind of pairing and the ingenuity behind it has afforded Shisha lounges in Chester the chance to survive the pandemic and make it out the other side. This same model might be employed by many other businesses. This gives hope to the small business owner and the self-employed, who have been trying to survive on savings alone since the opening months of the lockdowns.

Leveraging a combination of social media outreach and website building, Shisha bars are going to survive the pandemic and still have their doors open to customers when the lockdown is over. If delivery works as well as it seems like it might, many Shisha bars may not discontinue the service once they are able to be open at capacity again!

Shisha is Social and Fun!

Okha Lounge’s motto is Smoke and Chill, and that is exactly what the Shisha experience can offer you. While it might be more exciting to some people to be able to go to the Shisha Lounge and watch a movie and meet friends, Shisha delivery is a great solution for the time being.

You can still enjoy the benefits of relaxation and socialization that are offered by Shisha if you choose to have Shisha delivered to your home. If you want to connect with others who don’t live with you, host a virtual Shisha lounge hour after your order of premium Shisha is delivered to your door!

Shisha has always been a means for social connection and relaxation, and these are two benefits that are hard to find during these tough times. Take advantage of the Shisha delivery innovation that Shisha in Chester has made possible, and connect with your inner chill in your own home.

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