Proven Ways To Grow Your Portable Toilet Business

March 4, 2023

Assuming you’re renting out portable toilets, you want to know how to make your company grow. After all, a successful business brings in more money than it spends. While many factors contribute to profitability, here are a few ways you can increase revenue for your portable toilet rental business.


Retain Employees

Running any successful business requires having a reliable team of employees, and portable toilet companies are no exception. Finding hardworking, trustworthy employees who understand the importance of providing excellent customer service is essential to the success of any mobile toilet business.

Retaining well-trained staff can effectively ensure that your portable toilet business runs like a well-oiled machine. Taking steps such as offering competitive wages, creating a positive work environment, and investing in employee development can go a long way in retaining employees who are invested in your business’s success in the long term. With retention being key for the continued success of portable toilet businesses, taking these proactive measures pays off even better than just putting out an ad for new staff members.

Invest in Quality Products

Proactively putting resources into high-quality portable restrooms, hand washing stations, septic services, and other portable sanitation equipment can make a difference. You will save money in the long run due to fewer repairs and replacements, and your customers will also appreciate it.

Quality portable sanitation products bring convenience to any job site or special event and allow customers to focus on their goals. Investing in the right portable toilet business supplies will enable you to provide superior service and maximize value while keeping patrons safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Offer Additional Services

If you want to venture out and expand your current portable toilet business, now is the perfect time to offer additional services. Whether it’s increasing the convenience of portable restrooms or organizing sanitation processes for large events, finding a creative way to present your products will go a long way toward helping secure customers.


Preparing additional services that solve unique customer needs opens new doors for growth and adds value to your portable toilet business. It’s worth taking the time to brainstorm outside-the-box solutions your customers need – you may be surprised by what services could set you apart from competitors.

Stay Up-to-Date on Technology

Knowing what trends are emerging regarding portable toilets and new services you can offer your customers can help distinguish your business from others. Regularly researching news sources and informing yourself of developments in portable toilets, portable toilet equipment, and portable toilet accessories is essential for running a successful portable toilet business.

Investing time and resources into understanding the newest technologies available can give your business a competitive edge and help ensure you stay caught up as customer expectations change.

Develop Strategic Partnerships

Taking time to find the right people to collaborate with can lead to a successful and rewarding venture, especially given the fluidity of market trends today. Crafting relationships with relevant businesses allows portable toilet companies to increase their outreach, show the added value of their services, and serve clients more effectively than ever. All aspects of portable toilets (manufacturing, distribution, sales, installation) benefit from collaborations that result in deeper client engagements by offering time-sensitive solutions for specific needs.

Finding strategic partners also opens up potential pathways for expanding their markets beyond previously available. Most importantly, building strategic partnerships is an excellent way to ensure that portable toilet companies meet their customer’s needs as efficiently as possible – ultimately driving growth and profitability through proven synergies.

Focus on Customer Service

As a portable toilet business owner, customer service must be your top priority. It is important to remember that customer satisfaction should always come first, and it’s also essential for the long-term success of any portable toilet business. With that in mind, consider prioritizing customer service by finding ways to ensure each person has a positive experience with your company.

There are various ways to improve customer service, from providing helpful advice to following up after completing their transaction. It’s also important to ensure that your team understands the importance of customer service and can provide customers with the best possible experience when dealing with your business. Additionally, utilizing customer feedback can help inform you of any changes needed to ensure everyone is satisfied.

With so many tips and strategies for small business owners to remember, the challenge is finding a combination that works best for your company. No matter what methods you decide to pursue, ensuring you engage with employees, customers, and industry partners in meaningful ways is important. It doesn’t matter if you’re an established enterprise or just starting – take these steps now to ensure that your business will continue to grow. With these fundamentals in place, there’s no limit to what heights your small business can reach.

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