Showcasing Transferrable Skills: Highlighting Your Value In A New Field

August 31, 2023

Many of us have been in specific careers throughout our adult lives, but there often comes a time when people want to branch out into something new. Starting a new career may be a bit daunting, but the reality is that many of the skills that you already use will probably transfer quite easily into your new one. Here are some ways to highlight what you’ve got when getting into a new field:

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Consider using only relevant information in your resume

If you’re trying to get a job in a specific field but have plenty of years of varying experience, your resume may reflect this. While there isn’t necessarily anything bad about showcasing a broad range of work experience, it can help to create focused resumes that highlight the skills that you have for the job that you’re trying to get in your new field.

If you need a little bit of help creating a resume that gets attention, consider the benefits of working with a professional resume writer. They can help beef up the words that are used to showcase the stellar experience that you already have.

Highlight the skills you have from your last career

If you used to be a daycare teacher and have plenty of years of experience working with younger children, you may be thinking about how that can help you get into a new career. You may want to consider how nannying could be the ideal way for you to use your childcare experience without all the extra work that goes into teaching a classroom full of children.

Those skills used to manage a class of kids can help you stand out when it comes to caring for one or two little ones. While you may need to be prepared to get cheap background checks when applying as a nanny, it can actually be a job that pays well and is worth it.

Skills for a brand-new industry

You may think that to showcase transferrable skills from one field to the next, they’ll have to have similarities. However, in many cases, you can easily use skills from one job for a new one, even if it’s in a completely new industry.

Maybe you worked in administration at a school, but as you leave the educational field, you’re looking for a new career that can use the skills that you used during your time there. You can easily find a position in the wellness field, at events, or as an administrative assistant, to name a few of the possibilities that could be available for someone with your experience.

An extra language helps

If you speak a couple of languages or more, then you can be pretty confident that this kind of skill can go a long way toward helping you stand out in any industry you may want to work in. Companies that have international branches can greatly benefit from talent that is fluent in various languages.

If you’re someone who speaks a second language (or third, or fourth), consider how helpful that can be for you when you want to find a job in a new industry. Being bilingual or multilingual is definitely a skill that can be used in a variety of fields.

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At the end of the day, transferrable skills can be much more than just knowing how to do a specific task or having a degree in a certain field. Things like charisma and leadership can also be things that can stand out and be useful in any type of industry that you may be thinking of getting into. If you were able to use these aspects for your last job, think about how they can be beneficial for your next one.

In Conclusion

If you’re thinking of getting into a new industry and starting a new career, you may wonder if you can use your previous experience to stand out. The truth is that many of the skills that you boasted of in your last job could probably do a lot for you in your next one.

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