Startup Tips To Ramp Up Your Social Media Marketing Plan

July 29, 2022

Social media marketing is perhaps the best way to promote your startup. It costs less than other marketing tactics as you can manage your brand presence on your own. Moreover, you can actually build a broad audience with extensive outreach. A robust social media presence also empowers your brand on a budget. But everything boils down to finding ways to achieve more with less within your time and budget constraints. Here are the best startup tips to ramp up your social media marketing plans for better outcomes.

Identify your go-to platforms

You may start marketing your startup across all social media platforms, but it is better to be selective. You can actually achieve a broader outreach by focusing on a few go-to platforms instead of going too broad. For example, Facebook and Instagram are the best options for lifestyle brands. B2B startups must focus on LinkedIn and Twitter as their audience (business decision-makers) are likely to be here. Watch your campaigns and identify platform-specific performance to pick the best ones.

Capitalize on the top trends

Besides picking the right platforms, you must capitalize on the top trends to elevate your social media marketing game. Follow the industry insights and keep an eye on the competitors. Agility is the key, as you may miss out on the opportunity of growing your outreach if you are too late to follow a trend. Seasonal posts and hashtags are other ways to maximize your startup’s impact.

Win with compelling visuals

Ramping up your social media marketing plan is also about creating great posts with compelling visuals. Think beyond stock images, and get creative with your visual assets. You can post high-quality images, storytelling videos, and informative infographics to get attention. Animated graphics make an excellent option to impress your audience. You can go now for free animation tools, so budget is not a reason to worry. Just be as creative as possible, and leverage visuals to your advantage.

Focus on mobile audience

Most social media users browse these platforms on their mobile devices instead of desktops and laptops. Ensuring your posts are mobile-focused gives you a better chance to connect and engage with a broader audience. Missing out on these users is the last thing you should do because it gets your startup far behind in the race. Conversely, mobile-focused campaigns can help you maximize brand mentions and engagements.

Follow a content calendar

Consistency is the key to building an impressive social media presence. After all, you must ensure that your brand is visible and memorable. The only way to achieve both goals is by publishing engaging posts across the ideal platforms regularly. A content calendar helps you manage your campaigns better and ensures you never miss out on your schedules. Dig deep and find ideal days and times for posting on different platforms. Include them on the calendar to stay ahead.

Social media marketing can do wonders for your startup, provided you do it right. Following these actionable tips can help you maximize your reach with minimum effort and spending.

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Elvira Witt, the new head of the content team at Outreach Monks, is a consumer consultant and tech expert. She excels at helping out individuals and businesses through her writeups.

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