Startups and Video Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven?

January 26, 2022

With rising unemployment and other difficulties most world economies are facing at the moment, many people are trying to start their businesses. Startups are a great solution for entrepreneurs with fresh business ideas and big dreams. In many cases, these businesses are more environmentally friendly and community-oriented, meaning willing to share their return on investment for a good cause. 

Startup companies are usually founded for some innovative product or service, by people who have a clear vision and want to do things differently and innovatively. For this single item, its creators think that it would be interesting for the market and are ready to put all their hopes and wishes into it. 

Although new, startups are capable of shaking the market and disrupting the old order or starting a completely new niche. Sometimes, as they are passing from one stage to another, these new companies might suffer from the lack of capital but manage to surpass the situation with joint effort and support from family or friends. In those moments, it’s useful to remember that once upon a time, giants such as Apple, Google, or Amazon were startups too. 


Video marketing strategy for startups

First, let’s emphasize that in most cases they have a very limited, small budget for marketing. New companies also have to worry about nonexisting brand awareness, competition that is already positioned on the market, and uncertain cash flow. These factors might force founders to put on hold, change or adjust marketing strategy to fit the existing situation. Thankfully, even with a small budget, there are still many convenient options, both effective and cheap.

Social media marketing offers an opportunity to create a successful video campaign with a modest investment in equipment and education or by outsourcing and collaborating with the talented video creator. Video marketing is particularly suitable to fix the problems with brand awareness, and online traffic. Furthermore, startups can choose the most efficient and affordable Video Monetization model to build the audience and turn it into customers. Once, a video marketing campaign has started, if everything goes as planned the model can be changed or upgraded according to the situation with paid promotions and similar marketing products.

How to develop a video marketing strategy

These are the most important steps startups should not avoid when creating a video marketing strategy on a budget.

Researching and planning

Research should be conducted in two directions: competition and audience. 

Competition can be a great source of knowledge and experience. They’ve already learned what are the most important issues or are in the process of learning. By analyzing their accomplishments and mistakes, new startups can find out how to gain the audience and inspire engagement. 

It’s essential to know who the target audience is and what kind of expectations and needs they have. These and other details can serve as indicators to set the right mood and language for the promotional videos.

It’s necessary to plan before taking any action. Goals should be defined, budget planned realistically, and distributed on the videos within a certain period.  

Creating and promoting

When the budget is determined, the next step would be to make one monthly schedule with an exact number of funded videos. The best way to choose the idea or a topic and write a video concept is to organize a brainstorming. Most video creators suggest that videos should have a script with necessary descriptions, to make them look and sound professional.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for a successful marketing campaign. Learning about this and other promotional techniques is a long-term effort that can raise the business to a higher level.  

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