Tips For First Time Hotel Owners: How To Ensure Clients Happiness

September 24, 2021

There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to owning and managing your hotel, especially if you are a first-time business owner with this venture. One major question many owners ask themselves is “How do I make my clients happy?” This blog post will provide some tips and strategies that will help you answer this question!

Have a welcoming lobby

As a first-time hotel owner, one of the primary things that you can do to ensure that your clients are happy is to have a welcoming lobby. Having a nice, clean, and well-presented lobby will make all of your patrons feel more comfortable about staying with you. Additionally, having an organized lobby is also essential from the perspective of running a successful business because it can help cut down on staff costs as they won’t have to spend time cleaning up after messy guests.

Keep the hotel’s property in good condition

You will be able to garner happy clients if you strive to keep your property in good condition. This goes beyond just having a clean hotel, you will also need to ensure that your furniture and decor are in good shape as well. You have to also make sure that you get the right mattress size that will perfectly fit the bed frame you have installed in your rooms. Also make sure that the mattress is clean and comfortable. You should not let the property’s condition deteriorate over time because this will lead to unhappy customers who may stop staying with you altogether!

Offer quality customer service

Another thing that can help make your clients happy is to offer quality customer service. You should not treat all of your patrons the same because some will require more attention than others. You must learn how to be respectful, courteous, and polite with everyone who stays at your hotel so they feel comfortable while trying out their stay! In this case, you can learn from your employees and see what kind of customer service they provide because it should be somewhat similar to the quality you want your customers to receive.

Create an organized menu

To ensure that your hotel is running smoothly and that you are keeping guests happy, you need to create an organized menu. Doing this will help you avoid the scenario where guests come back to tell you how disappointed they were with their food choices because there was nothing on the menus that interested them. Additionally, it will also help you avoid the scenario where your kitchen staff runs out of ingredients and has to make a last-minute run to the store.

Provide a welcoming environment for pets

You also need to create a welcoming environment for your four-legged guests as well. If clients know that their dog is going to be welcomed with open arms, they will be more inclined to book a room in your hotel. You can even highlight that your space is a pet-friendly one and advertise this on your website!

Add some hotel amenities

Adding in amenities is also another way for you to make sure that clients are happy with their stay at your establishment. This does not mean that you have to go overboard with these amenities, you just need to add some in that will cater to your guests’ needs. Focusing on adding in amenities such as an ironing board and a coffee maker can help make all of your patrons more comfortable while they are staying at your hotel!

Offer free breakfast or WiFi for guests

Another thing you can do to ensure that your clients are happy is to offer them free breakfast or WiFi. These things might not seem like much but they will go a long way in the eyes of your guests and make all the difference in their experience at your hotel!

Be proactive about guest complaints so that they don’t escalate into bigger problems

As much as possible, you have to be proactive about guest complaints. This means that you have to immediately address the issue at hand and try your best to remedy it as soon as possible so that they don’t escalate into bigger problems!

You can also ask for feedback from your customers after they check out to find out what you’re doing right and wrong. This will help you identify what things to improve on and which ones you’re doing a great job with! In line with this, provide guests with discounts on their next stay if they leave honest reviews of their experience at your hotel. These discounts should be for their next stay when they return. By doing this, you are letting them know that you value their opinion and want them to keep coming back!

Think of different ways in which you can surprise guests with a little extra

Lastly, think of different ways in which you can surprise your clients by offering them a little something extra. This doesn’t have to be a big gesture, you can just do something as simple as leaving them a handwritten note with an offer for their next stay or give them access to free wifi for the duration of their stay!

As a first-time property owner, it can be difficult to make sure every customer who comes in is happy at all times. Thankfully, there are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that your clients are happy during their stay at your establishment! The best hotels are the ones that make their guests feel comfortable and taken care of. How does your business do?

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback, even if you’re not sure about it. Creating a great customer experience is an important part of running any business. The hospitality industry understands this better than most, and it’s why hotels have been thriving for decades. Those that take the time to provide guests with the best service and amenities not only see more repeat customers; they also get higher ratings on sites like Yelp! Rest assured that all your efforts in maintaining your hotel will prove to be worth it in the end.

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