Tips To Make Your Brewery More Inclusive

February 1, 2024
Tips To Make Your Brewery More Inclusive

Making your brewery more inclusive means that it is open and accessible to all, regardless of someone’s gender, race, age, or other demographics. It’s about creating an environment where everyone feels at home and appreciated for their uniqueness. Inclusive practices are not only morally correct, but they also make smart business sense.

A diverse customer base can lead to a variety of perspectives, fostering innovation, creativity, and a richer overall experience. The craft beer industry does not have a history of being very diverse, which is why implementing these tips for inclusivity can set your business apart.

Creating an Inclusive Environment

The atmosphere of your brewery should emanate inclusivity. This means having a diverse staff trained in customer service and educated on the importance of inclusivity. Consider amenities like wheelchair-accessible entrances and restrooms, braille menus for visually impaired customers, and quiet spaces for those sensitive to heightened noise levels.

Offering a Range of Alcohol Content

A crucial step toward inclusivity is providing options for everyone. Consider expanding your product line to include beers with varying degrees of alcohol content. Brewing non-alcoholic beer is a great option that caters to those who abstain from alcohol or prefer beverages with a lower alcohol content. This ensures everyone can enjoy the experience of visiting your brewery and finding a beer that suits their preference.

Organizing Diverse Events

Organizing events that cater to a variety of interests will not only attract a diverse crowd but also foster a community spirit within your brewery. These events could include:

  • Beer tasting sessions: Conducting regular beer-tasting sessions featuring different types of brews can intrigue a broad spectrum of beer lovers and stimulate discussion, engagement, and learning.
  • Home brewing workshops: These workshops are an excellent way to engage with your community and share your passion for brewing.
  • Trivia nights: Consider creating themed trivia nights revolving around various topics, such as general knowledge, music, movies, or beer brewing, to increase interest and participation.
  • Live music: Inviting local bands or artists to perform at your brewery can attract a different crowd altogether. You can host a variety of music genres to cater to diverse tastes.

The goal is to create an inclusive environment in your brewery where a wide variety of people feel comfortable and excited to participate.

Inclusive Marketing

Your marketing strategies should reflect your commitment to inclusivity. A good marketing strategy is about recognizing and honoring the realities of all people and creating an environment where everyone feels seen and valued. Use your marketing platforms to shine a spotlight on the inclusive practices within your brewery. Share stories about your diverse staff, showcase your accessible features, and announce your participation in local community events.

Making your brewery more inclusive is not just about good business; it’s about building a community that welcomes everyone. A commitment to inclusivity can help your brewery stand out, appealing to a wider customer base and ensuring a positive experience for all who walk through your doors.

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