Ways To Protect Your Business During the Holiday Season

November 29, 2022
Ways To Protect Your Business During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is the biggest time of year for many retailers and businesses. As you prepare for the holiday rush, don’t forget your business’s security checklist. While marketing and sales are important, keeping your business safe should be at the top of your list this time of year. Here are several ways to protect your business during the holiday season rush.

Schedule Security Equipment Tune-Ups

Many businesses participate in special store hours to allow their employees to take some time off for the holidays too. During this time, your store will be empty—except for your security measures. Before you take a break for the holidays, be sure to test your security equipment and schedule maintenance when necessary. Testing your alarm and double-checking that your surveillance cameras have an unobstructed view can help you ensure that your security system is ready to guard your business. This action also provides the peace of mind you need to step away and enjoy the holiday.

Maintain Outdoor Lighting

Thieves can target your business’s products both inside and outside your store. Sometimes criminals target your products after customers walk out your doors with them. It’s crucial to keep your business’s parking lot well-lit to deter crime and provide peace of mind for your customers. Outdoor lighting is crucial to safety during the winter, as it starts to get darker earlier in the evening. Criminals are more likely to act under low light conditions where surveillance cameras will have a harder time recording them. Maintain your outdoor lighting features by making sure the bulbs are new and clean.

Don’t Dispose of Information Carelessly

Protecting your business is about more than protecting your inventory. Your business’s data and information can also be a target this time of year. During the chaos of the holiday season, it can be easy to lose track of important documents, shipping labels, and more, with team members often throwing them away in the process. But criminals can and will dig through your garbage to uncover confidential information. Instead of throwing away or recycling whole documents, use a secure shredding method to ensure that criminals can’t recover your information.

Cover Your Window Displays

Don’t tempt criminals to target your empty store by leaving valuable items in your window displays. These items allow would-be criminals to look inside your store and make smash-and-grab attempts easier. Invest in a window screen that you can lower or move high-value products away from the windows.

Don’t forget these tips for protecting your business during the holiday season as you prepare your retail store for the rush. These tips can help provide you, your employees, and your customers with increased peace of mind during this chaotic shopping season.

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