What Is Included In An SEO Services Package?

August 18, 2022

When hiring an SEO agency, you’ll likely ask about the services they cover. For example, do they cover landing page content creation or will they charge extra for an SEO audit?

Different agencies have different SEO services. Some offer one-time services, while some provide ongoing packages for their clients. Learning the type of services they offer will help you decide whether an agency is a good fit for you.

Local SEO Services

According to Digital Authority Partners, SEO agencies provide local SEO services to their clients. Local SEO is focused on strategies that promote a business to local consumers or clients. This is about utilizing localized optimization strategies to help local businesses be included in Google’s Local Pack results.

Local SEO services are for businesses with brick-and-mortar shops. By using local SEO tactics, companies can increase organic traffic coming from searches made by customers who are located nearby.

An SEO company can promote local SEO using the following location-specific optimization strategies.

  • Optimize your Google My Business or GMB. Claim and optimize your profile by adding a clear and concise description, updating contact information, and responding to customer reviews.
  • Add your business to relevant online listings. Find listings pertinent to your industry or market and ensure all listing information is similar from all directory sites.
  • Promote your location with updated photos, videos, and business descriptions. Take pictures of your local shop, menu, staff, parking area, services offered, etc.
  • Encourage your local customers to leave a review. Reviews and testimonials can help promote your authority and social presence.
  • Produce website content according to the latest local news or special events. Write blog posts about local events or stories, create videos of your local causes, etc.
  • Research the best local keywords for your descriptions, titles, and content. Use keyword planning tools and check competitor keywords.
  • Create an “About Us” Page with location-specific information. Provide information about your store hours, promos, updated NAP (name, address, and phone number), and a Google Maps tool.

E-commerce SEO Services

If you don’t have a local shop but an e-commerce shop where you sell your products, then you need an SEO company that provides e-commerce SEO. This kind of SEO service is about using optimization strategies to make an online shop visible to its prospects. It’s about boosting site ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), improving traffic, and increasing brand recognition.

And whether you want to promote your online store or simply want your website to get noticed by your audience, e-commerce SEO services are worth investing in. The following e-commerce SEO tactics are typically used to promote an e-commerce site.

  • Use the right keywords relevant to your products or services. The right keywords will help people find you and help search engines understand what your website is all about.
  • Improve website or product page design with your customers or clients in mind. These improve the user experience, which helps your website rank higher on SERPs.
  • Simplify your URL to make your website and link easier to remember. Shorter URLs are more accessible to share across social media and email.
  • Remove duplicate content. Duplicate content can confuse search engines and may affect your rankings.
  • Produce high-quality and relevant content. Aim for updates and helpful content to make your customers return for more.

Voice SEO

Searching for a local business using voice search has become more popular. People use mobile devices such as their smartphones or smart speakers to find what they need.

When used correctly, voice search can produce excellent results. So you need to optimize for voice searches to connect with more customers, promote your content and brand, and improve your ROI. Voice SEO can boost your local business and attract more clients to your location.

It’s likely that people using voice search will continue to increase. Statista mentions that the worldwide voice recognition market reached around 10 billion USD in 2020. This number is expected to reach 30 billion USD in 2026.

These numbers demonstrate that there’s no reason not to invest in voice SEO. The following voice search tactics should be part of voice SEO services.

  • Focus on keywords with a conversational tone. These are words or sentences that your customers use to find your business through voice search.
  • Create website pages that provide answers to your FAQ to improve user experience (UX). Better UX will boost your site rankings on SERPs.
  • Consider persona-based content. This will better engage your buyers because you know their preferences, purchasing roles, and buying behavior.
  • Create mobile-friendly content and side design. With people spending more hours a day on their smartphones, your content must be easy to view online and your mobile site design flawless.
  • Consider local voice searches. Your customers will use location-specific words to find you through the help of voice assistants on smart speakers, mobile devices, etc.

SEO Audits

An SEO audit helps ensure that your website is updated and optimized. An audit is a review of your site’s overall performance considering your optimization goals. This service is often provided by SEO agencies and may be part of an SEO service package. Ask about getting an SEO audit when you are interviewing SEO agencies to work with.

An audit is mainly done at the beginning of a website campaign to find areas of improvement in your site’s SEO. You may audit your existing drive to see if it still fits your needs. Also, an audit is recommended at least 2 to 4 times a year, while small websites should do it twice a year.

SEO services are often offered as a package. When offered packaged SEO services, ask the agency about how each of these services can help you with SEO. Understand the agency’s services and pricing models to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

Final Words

SEO services may be offered individually or as a one-time service. These may be part of a package and continuously provided until a client’s marketing goals are met. Find the company that will provide the SEO service that matches your industry or market and promotes your marketing goals.

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