Why Do You Need Patent Translation Services In 2023?

May 5, 2023

The patent market is very lucrative but also quite confusing. Many manufacturers have struck gold by creating an innovative product and attaching a patent to it while others have suffered revenue loss by not applying for patents. If you have a unique product that is currently not in the market you are on the cusp of a financial windfall but to secure the model you need patent translation services.

This article is about patent translation services and why you need them.

What is patent translation?

What do we mean by patent translation? It simply means translating a patent document from one language to another language. The average patent document will have the following

  • Specifications
  • Lawyers correspondence
  • Office actions

And lots more.

This information will be requested during the application and filing process. Furthermore, a patent document is not written in the same way you write other documents or text and so, the way it is translated from one language to another is also different.

This is why you need an experienced translator’s skills to convert your patent document.

Experts will tell you that patents are the most difficult documents to translate because of the technical terms, legal terminology and pair competence required. The financial implications of making a mistake can lead to colossal losses further down the line

How to know when you need patent translation services?

The patent system is operated on a per-country basis because every country has a system that differs from the other. If you want to obtain exclusive rights in a foreign country for your product, you definitely need patent translation services.

This is because you will need to file for the patent in the country of your choice, which must be done in their local language. Only an expert patent translator can help you do this.

But this should not happen in all cases. For instance, if your document is in English and you operate in the UK but wish to secure patents in countries like the US, Canada, Nigeria or any other English speaking country you don’t need translation services. However, if you want a German patent for the German market, you need to translate the document into German and would need a German translator for that.

Why do you need patent translation services?

Let’s look at some of the importance of patent translation and why you need it.

Accurate Translation

The first and most important reason why you need patent translation is because it offers you document accuracy in the new language. Patents gold great power so every phrase, word or sentence has legal consequences. The skilled translators at patent translation services will translate your document and scrutinize every word to ensure they conform to what is on the original document.

The consequences of hiring inexperienced translators are

  • Delays
  • Increased cost
  • Idea theft by other brands
  • Inaccurate information for your patent
  • Legal consequences
  • Ineligibility for patent rights and protection
  • Increased competition
  • Financial loss

To avoid these negative consequences, do well to hire expert translators

Fast Delivery

Your time to market launch may have been planned already and the last thing you want is any delay. When you hire expert patent translation services providers, you get your translated documents on time so you can submit them for approval. You should know that translation service providers have established procedures on how they operate, making them fast and reliable. You avoid delays and excuses when you hire their services.

Increased Access

Your chances of getting your patent application approved will increase if the document is clear, concise, and in line with the regulations of the country. However, if the document is badly written, your application may likely be denied.

Reduced Cost

Last but not the least is the reduced cost since the service provider will deliver the finished work on time. When you work with a skilled translator, the finished work will only be reviewed a few times and you will not have to hire someone else to rework the document. Rather than pay more than one translator, you pay only one translator and get the quality you desire.

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