Why Investfox Startup Was Founded Without Any Funding?

September 13, 2022

As time passes, technology improvements make it easier and simpler for businesses to produce money without the need for outside capital. How is this possible? One notable example is investfox, which gives investors a myriad of options while addressing the issue of lack of openness in the financial sector. According to the company’s founder, Konstantin Rabin, the company was founded without any finance. What makes this possible? Let’s go through it in greater depth.

Investfox was founded without any funding – what to know

There are some reasons which made the decision to create a company without any funding. As a company founder, Konstantin Rabin states, after successfully launching many online projects in a variety of sectors, he now has the capital he needs to launch investfox. For the time being, no outside investment is required since he has teamed together with a few individuals who can provide the necessary skills and expertise to make investfox a success.

Serving customers who are willing to pay for your service or product is at the heart of starting a company. Even if you have a backup, starting a new project might be a challenge. We need to be extra cautious when making decisions since startups are like newborns. We seek advice from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts at all times. Funding is a critical part of the startup process. The majority of individuals, as well as the internet, will tell us to seek venture capital or other external money. Uber is a well-known example of a venture-backed startup.

The initial companies like Microsoft, Dell, and Virgin are sometimes forgotten because of their lack of external capital. Similar to these startups, investfox is a company, which made it possible to start operating in the market without external capital and funding. The truth is that investfox has a team of specialists that understand how to manage resources and generate a successful product for investors. Because of its prudent use of resources, investfox is now able to provide both rookie and experienced investors with services that will assist them in becoming more successful in this business. Without further ado, let us discover what these solutions are.

Investfox – what do they exactly offer to the users?

The major purpose of investfox, a recently founded European startup, is to combat the lack of transparency in financial trading. There have been several incidents in the past and present when investors have been victims of fraud or corporations have begun to mislead clients. A Ponzi scheme is one example of this. It was not even Ponzi’s fraud that was the first in the realm of financial scandal. Before he became renowned for his swindling, Ponzi was a con artist in his own right. Because they were such a big concern at the time, certain pyramid schemes are now referred to as Ponzi schemes. In 1919, Ponzi came up with the idea of international reply coupons. He reasoned that he could get cheaper IRCs in Europe and then trade them for more costly ones in the States. Investors were guaranteed a 100% return within 90 days, which he delivered.

He was able to acquire extra funding quickly when the idea took off. He was once making $1 million a day. The idea was quickly shown to be ineffective. Investors quickly found that Ponzi was able to easily pay them back, and most re-invested the money. He was able to afford a lavish lifestyle because of the success of his plan. After reading stories in the Boston Post a year later, investors sought their money back. However, Ponzi wasn’t able to return the money back to the investors. As a result of this, what is the real problem in this case? You can guess – transparency. Investors couldn’t get objective information about this scheme, which made them victims of the scammer. investfox is a fintech company, which cares about its users with the help of providing transparency in the marketplace. On the website of investfox, investors can find the financial reports about the financial service providers and get more information about the way brokerage firms work.

In addition to that with the help of the expert and user-generated reviews, where both experts and users share their experiences, newcomer investors and as well as experienced ones can find the right information about the company. This will make investors save their time and energy when it comes to finding the proper and the most suitable broker in the financial market. Whether you want to trade stock, forex, or cryptos, you can find anything and everything here on investfox.

In order not to get a victim of financial fraud, you need to have a knowledge of financial trading. This is one of the biggest strengths of investfox, which furnishes investors with a learning center, where they can find dozens of articles and blogs about the things that are useful for the online trader. Because of the reviews, educational part provided financial reports, and user-friendliness investfox can become one of the best fintech platforms for those who want to get success in financial trading.

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