Why You Should Add Foil to Your Gift Cards

October 27, 2022
Why You Should Add Foil to Your Gift Cards

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means many people are shopping for gifts. While some people will dedicate hours to finding the perfect gift for a loved one, others prefer to give the gift of choice and buy a gift card. If your business doesn’t already have gift cards in stock, get some for the holiday season. For those who already have gift cards, consider making them look extra special this year with an enhanced design. Keep reading to learn why you should add foil to your gift cards.

Offer Something Special for the Season

Whether shopping for a co-worker or a best friend, many shoppers prefer grabbing a gift card over picking out a specific gift. While all gift cards provide the same spending power, you should still design seasonal gift cards. Seasonal gift cards will help patrons feel like they’re buying a holiday gift even though they’re not buying a specific item.

There are lots of seasonal colors you can consider for seasonal gift cards. Green and red, white and blue, white and gold, and white and silver are popular color combinations for winter. You can add any of these colors to your gift cards with foil printing for a unique metallic shine that will make your cards beautiful and seasonal.

Stand Out From the Competition

As we mentioned above, gift cards are a popular seasonal gift. Many people buy gift cards when they don’t know what to give someone or want to let the recipient pick out what they like. The problem is that many stores offer gift cards this time of year. How can you make your gift cards stand out so people want to purchase them?

The merchandise you offer will provide most of the incentive for whether people want to buy gift cards from you. If you don’t have merchandise a customer thinks a loved one will want, they probably won’t buy your gift cards. They may also skip purchasing a gift card from you if the cards don’t look professional or festive. After all, they’re buying a gift for someone special. They want it to look nice, even if it’s just a plastic card. Make your cards look more enticing than the competition with foil embossing.

Create Brand Awareness

When you stand out from the competition, you teach potential customers about your business. This is brand awareness, which every business needs if they want to continue growing. Since so many people shop during the holidays, winter is an excellent time to use gift cards to increase brand awareness. The best way to achieve those seasonal sales is with unique, beautiful cards. Adding foil to your cards, either on the surface or the edges, will add the distinctive beauty people are looking for with gifts and brands in general.

You should add foil to your gift cards because it makes them special for the season, can help you stand out from your competitors, and creates brand awareness. Beautiful, unique cards will never go out of style, but they’re an especially great choice during the holiday season.

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