Why Your Cleaning Company Should Use Lab Pack Disposal

February 10, 2023
Why Your Cleaning Company Should Use Lab Pack Disposal

Starting your own cleaning company is an exciting but challenging venture. Cleaning is in high demand for commercial and residential buildings, which gives your business plenty of opportunity to hit the ground running. To provide optimal results from the very beginning, you need to have everything set up, including waste disposal. Since you’re working with various types of waste and chemicals that you can’t throw out in the normal trash, setting up your waste disposal is important. Keep reading to learn why your cleaning company should use lab pack disposal to manage your waste.

Defining Lab Packs

As a new cleaning company, you may not have heard of lab packs before. Lab packs are large containers, often some type of drum, that holds smaller containers of chemicals and other types of waste. They are meant for businesses that produce small amounts of various and often hazardous waste and want to consolidate them for disposal. Consolidation is often cheaper and easier than making multiple efforts to safely dispose of small amounts of hazardous waste.

Staying Within Legal Compliance

You probably encountered a lot of laws when trying to start your business. It’s important to know that there’s also an industrial side to laws in most areas, especially when it comes to waste management. There are federal laws as well as local and state regulations governing how you can throw away waste and various chemicals, especially if those materials are hazardous or potentially hazardous. You want to stay within compliance of these laws from the day you start your business, or you risk having to pay fines that can set your new business back. Using a lab pack through a waste management company that better understands the laws helps you easily stay within compliance.

Protecting the Local Environment

You’re starting a cleaning company because you want to help people and businesses, not hurt your local environment. However, companies sometimes mistakenly make choices that can hurt the surrounding environment and its people, such as throwing chemical cleaners away in the normal trash. This option often feels faster and easier than using a waste management company, but those cleaners can leak into the soil and groundwater in and around a traditional landfill. You can prevent this and still easily manage your waste with lab packs that provide containers for easy storage. There are many materials that should be transported in lab packs, from chemical cleaners to aerosols, so you can use this easy disposal option no matter what your company uses to clean.

Your cleaning company should use lab pack disposal so you can easily manage your waste, stay within legal compliance, and protect your local environment. These benefits will set your business up for success as you seek to gain clients and grow your company.

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