5 Startup Ideas for Students: Top Ways to Start Now

December 21, 2021

Most people think that college years are not a good time to start their own business. But is this really true? Actually not. Students are in a great position to launch a start-up. Of course, there are some difficulties they may face, such as a lack of money, intensive studies, poor experience and so on. But there are also a lot of advantages over older people. Some of them are offered below. Business law paper writers are here to help students learn how to start their own business.

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Why start now?

First of all, students have almost unlimited access to experts in different fields. At universities, there are a lot of professors that have real-world experience in business, so they can share not only theories but also some useful and applicable stuff. Don’t be shy to ask them for help, maybe their professional insights will be very valuable to you. And note, you can get advice absolutely for free.

Secondly, college provides you with lots of business possibilities. Some types of business are really better to start when you are still a student. For example, if you are going to consult your peers about internship opportunities or offer custom writing services. By the way, the last one is one of the most successful options nowadays. Many people decide to buy college essays online instead of writing them on their own because it saves a lot of time and energy. By doing this, they can prioritize more important activities, while still getting high grades for their home assignments.

Thirdly, you don’t have as many commitments at college as people have at work and in the family. You don’t need to visit all the classes or to take care of kids. There are no serious obligations that you must necessarily complete, so you can be self-absorbed and nobody will mind. Plan your time around assessments the way you want and do what you find essential. This is just what you need to build a successful start-up.

Now that you realize how many opportunities you have, you are probably wondering what kind of business is better to start. Below is the answer!

The best start-up ideas for students

1. Employment consulting service

As you might know, many students need to work to cover their tuition fees and living expenses. But it’s not always easy to find a job with no experience and practical skills. Hence, you can launch a company that will help those students to earn some money with what they can do. Your start-up may be a mediator between students and companies that need employees. You can consult young people on how to go through a job interview and assist employers with choosing the best candidates.

2. Scooter rental company

Commuting is a big problem faced by many students. Going to campus and back by public transport every day may be a real problem. Traffic jams, bus delays and overcrowded metro make traveling to college a nightmare. However, there is a way to make things easier. With electric scooters, students can get to their institutions much easier. They are not only fast, portable but also very affordable and eco-friendly. All you need to do is just to invest a little money in marketing and set a fair rate for renting. For sure, your services will be in high demand.

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3. Textbook exchange platform

Most textbooks are extremely expensive, while the majority of students live on a tight budget. What’s more, buying a book is not really cost-efficient since one needs it only for some limited period of time. So what to do in this case? Students may help each other by exchanging books or they can rent study materials from your company. Create a service that allows young people to use a textbook as long as they need it for a small fee.

4. Tutoring agency

It’s impossible to be good at every single discipline. We all have weak points in some areas and so do students that need help with certain subjects. That’s why they decide to find a tutor. You can create an online tutoring service that connects users with teachers speaking their native language. For each successful collaboration, you can charge a fee that covers website maintenance expenses and brings you profit.

5. Motivational app

If you have some technical background and know a bit about software development, you can create a motivational app for students, which will help them stay committed to the learning journey. Depending on what you like, you can cover any aspect from productivity to mental health support. To get more downloads, make your app unique and focused on the student mindset. And to earn money on this product, feature some related ads there.

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Helen Birk is a young entrepreneur who developed a successful business in just a year. She has reached great results and now she helps others to do the same. Helen teaches students how to launch a profitable start-up that will bring value to society.

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