Best Time Clock for Small Business

Keeping track of employee time with ease

Keeping track of the time that your employees are spending on their tasks everyday can be tough when you own a small business. If you have been using index cards or just keeping a spreadsheet of everyone’s hours, you might be overpaying your employees for time that is not tracked accurately.

There are many better options for tracking employee time that are accurate and fair for everyone. There are many of these products on the market and it can be hard to find the right one for your business. If you are ready to part with your antiquated system and invest in a good time clock that will keep track of everyone’s hours, including your own, then this list will get you started on the right track! 

If you are ready to learn more about the time clocks on this list and how they can help you to run an efficient business with correctly tracked pay, read on!

Product Comparison Table: Best Time Clock for Small Business

Rating (Amazon)
Best in class
5.0 stars
Best product
4.5 stars
Best product for a small team
4.5 stars
Cheapest product
4.5 stars
Best for extended system and
advanced timekeeping
4.0 stars
Best for proximity badge punches

Best Time Clock for Small Business

Time clocks can save you lots of time and make sure that your employees know that everyone is being paid fairly. You will have a much easier time tracking employee hours and pay when you use a proper time clock for these needs.

Total Pass P400 Employee Time Clock

Product summary: This great time clock can be utilized in many ways and can be expanded from the original 25 employees to as many as 250. You can hand enter time or use a badge entry method with this model. You will also be able to link it with many kinds of payroll software with ease.


  • Up to 250 employees
  • Can be used with a badge swipe function
  • Works with web punch


  • Preprogrammed employees PINs can’t be changed
  • Some instructions could be more clear


This is a really nice machine that will take care of all kinds of time clock needs at a really fair price. This is a really great model to pick if you want to integrate with a payroll software that you are already using and if you want to use badges for punching in and out.

uAttend Cloud-Connected Time Clock

Product summary: This is a really nice time clock for a very good price that offers fingerprint punching in and out. The touchscreen is very nice and you will be able to sync the system even if there is an issue with the time clock being disconnected from the network for a time. The monthly cloud subscription is very affordable and you get all the benefits of this subscription for this fee.


  • Touchscreen
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Works even when not on the internet


  • Only handles 9 employees
  • Some issues with the setup of the device 
  • Could use better instructions


This is a nice, high-tech little device that allows you to free your team from badges or hand entering punches. It will record punches even if the clock is offline for some reason and you will be able to afford the monthly subscription with no trouble as it is only $22 a month.

uPunch Starter Time Clock Bundle

Product summary: This is a great starter set up for your time clock needs. While this is not a fancy, digital clock that will handle badge scanning and fingerprint scans, it is a nice and reliable traditional time clock. You will also get a rack for the time cards and some included punch cards to get you started.


  • Includes 100 punch cards and card rack
  • Simple to use
  • Affordable


  • The included cards need to have clearer lines on them
  • Battery-powered so can have sync issues if the battery gives out
  • Instructions can be vague


This is a great traditional clock and you will get lots of nice added features with it as well as the included time cards and the rack to hold them. This is a reliable unit that can be used for many small businesses with great ease. The punch cards could be better designed, but you can always pick your own cards to use instead of the included ones.

Total Pass B600 Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

Product summary: This is a great time clock if you have a larger business. It can handle up to 500 employees and you can use pin, fingerprint, and badge scan as well as manual entries. Multiple connectivities are allowed such as Wi-Fi, USB, or network. There is a built-in camera that will help confirm punches that have been done when the system is offline. You can connect this clock to an entire system of time clocks if you wish as well.


  • Can connect to many machines
  • Included camera
  • Various ways of punching


  • Included software might be better with some upgrades
  • Some reported issues with fingerprint scanning


This is a really nice product that will offer you lots of features that an affordable unit will not usually give you. This is a great choice for a larger business that needs to use many clocks to accurately track employees conveniently. There are many ways to use this clock’s punching features and many ways to link it to payroll software.

Pyramid Time Systems Time Trax

Product summary: This is a really nice proximity badge system that offers up great software for payroll tracking and makes it very easy to set your own personalized holidays and other functions. Expandable to 500 employees and has included payroll software. You will not have to pay a subscription fee for this clock.


  • Allows up to 500 employees
  • Quality proximity badge clock
  • Simple to set up with ethernet connectivity


  • The user interface could be better
  • Customer service could be better


This is a really nice proximity badge machine that will make clocking in and out very easy for your employees. You will not have to fight with fingerprint set up or badge set up with this clock and you will be able to get your employees tracking their time right away as soon as it is installed.

Getting the Right Time Clock Can be Easy

If you use our handy guide, you will get access to the best time clocks for your business needs. These clocks will free you from the frustration of hand calculations and spreadsheet tracking that can make payroll tough to grapple with each month. 

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