Equipment for mushroom farms – what to consider when making a choice?

April 3, 2023

Choosing high-quality equipment for mushroom farms is therefore an important task. But what features and qualities should be considered when comparing the available options? We’ll explain below!

Mushroom picking lorry

It’s hard to imagine modern mushroom farms without mushroom picking lorries (also known as trolleys). It’s worth noting, however, that not every model will be as useful. Some older lorries lack certain modern features that make picking much more efficient, such as the automated up-and-down movement of the platform. Manually moving the platform by turning a crank is not only time-consuming but also more tiring for the pickers.

Therefore, it’s worth checking whether a trolley has automation features before making a purchase. Not only in relation to the platform movement but also when it comes to stoppage. Automatic stoppage in case an obstacle is detected in the trolley’s path is crucial. Relying on just human reflexes to stop accidents from occurring is not the best choice.

Other factors to consider include battery capacity, easy bottom and top shelf picking, as well as a stable frame and overall high-quality of all materials and components of the machine.

Growing nets

Growing nets are a crucial part of the mushroom growing process, as they are used to put the substrate on shelves of the shelving (and to pull it out after use). Well-made, durable nets made from good materials can last the farm for many years without losing their quality.

Meanwhile, cheap, low-quality nets are prone to narrowing after some time, which makes the substrate fall off its edges. It’s also likely that holes will start appearing in them. Subsequently, they will become unusable and will need to be replaced, generating additional costs.

Mushroom lamps

Mushroom growing farms are characterized by harsh conditions, such as high humidity and temperatures. Such conditions are dangerous for electronics of all kinds, for example, lamps. That’s why special, corrosion-resistant models need to be used in place of regular ones that will be more appropriate for home or office use.

Special lamps for mushroom farms (either LED or fluorescent ones) are durable and can be used in even the harshest conditions, due to high-end components and housing (it can be made from borosilicate glass, for example).

There are many different factors that should be considered when choosing equipment for mushroom growing farms. It’s important to pay attention to more than just the price, as safe, durable and technologically advanced equipment is key to efficient picking and, subsequently, high profits for the farm. Equipment that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding mushroom farm owners can be purchased from reliable suppliers, such as GROWTIME.

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