Holoframe: The Future of NFT Display in Augmented Reality

August 3, 2023


In an era where blockchain technology and the proliferation of digital art are blurring the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds, Holoframe emerges as an innovative, game-changing platform. Backed by CEO and Co-founder Ilija Rolović, Holoframe enables NFT collectors and creators to showcase their assets in a uniquely immersive way – through the lens of augmented reality.

Revolutionizing the NFT Experience

Holoframe takes the NFT experience to a whole new level. With the platform, collectors can effortlessly place their NFTs in 3D frames and view them in augmented reality, creating an immersive experience like never before. This is not just a feature—it’s a brand new way of interacting with your digital collectibles, referred to as ‘holoframes.’

Creators aren’t left behind either. With Holoframe, they can design personalized web pages or ‘Showrooms’ for their community members, who can then experience the NFTs in augmented reality.

Easy Access and Utilization

One of the key strengths of Holoframe is its user-friendliness. The platform doesn’t require app downloads or wallet connections. Instead, it utilizes a simple QR code scan to grant access to its AR features on any iOS or Android device. This ease of access and operation will undoubtedly appeal to a broad spectrum of users, from the crypto curious to seasoned NFT traders.

Wide-Ranging Support and Future Integrations

In a bid to offer a seamless and all-inclusive service to its users, Holoframe integrates with Ethereum and Polygon, powered by the robust Alchemy API. Not stopping there, they are also exploring potential integrations with Ordinals and Solana. This clear demonstration of adaptability and growth bodes well for the platform’s longevity in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Model Libraries and Freemium Model

Holoframe has a diverse library of minimalist, clean, and beautiful 3D frame models to choose from. The low polygon count models ensure reduced file sizes, offering a smooth and seamless AR experience.

The platform has a freemium business model, with basic features available free of charge. However, for those who wish to delve deeper and unlock advanced features, Holoframe offers a unique, time-bound NFT unlock system.

Flexible Roadmap

Holoframe’s roadmap is not set in stone but operates more like a “tech tree,” offering them the flexibility to adapt to market trends and user feedback. However, certain plans for the future are immovable, demonstrating their commitment to continuous improvement and growth.


In conclusion, Holoframe is an impressive addition to the Web3 space, offering NFT collectors and creators a unique way to interact with their digital assets in AR. With their user-friendly design, wide-ranging support, and flexible roadmap, they are poised to make significant strides in the industry.

CEO Ilija Rolović and his team deserve applause for their innovative solution that seamlessly merges the worlds of AR and NFTs. The open beta version of Holoframe is now available for users to test and experience firsthand. Who knows, your NFT collection could be the next to grace the virtual walls of a Holoframe Showroom.

Why not give it a spin and create your first Holoframe today? Visit Holoframe Sign Up to get started. See you in AR!

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