How To Bring in New Salon Clients in the New Year

January 19, 2023
How To Bring in New Salon Clients in the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to set goals and resolutions. But this isn’t just true for individuals—businesses can and should set goals in the New Year as well. If your goal is to generate more business for your salon, you can use a few helpful tactics to achieve this goal. Here’s how to bring in new salon clients in the new year.

Offer a New Year Promotion

The first thing you can do to bring in more salon clients in the New Year is to offer a New Year promotion. Promotions are a great way to generate more business all year round, but for the New Year, you want to appeal to what your clients need at this time of year. Fortunately, many people are already thinking about ways to better themselves in the new year.

Therefore, running a “New Year, New You” promotion is a great idea. This approach is one of the best hair salon promotions to entice clients to come in, so they can start their year off with a fresh look and fresh start. You can also offer discounted rates for services, like 10 or 15 percent off, to attract more people.

Create a Social Media Campaign

Creating a social media campaign is another beneficial tactic for drawing in more business for your salon. People are on social media all day long, so you want a strong presence there to help potential clients find you and your services.

Create a social media campaign based on a new year promotion and utilize relevant hashtags, such as “NewYearNewYou” and “NewYearMakeover,” to reach a wider audience. Making the most of social media will benefit your business, and it’s an excellent way to develop and enforce seasonal marketing strategies.

Utilize Email Marketing Strategies

You can also utilize email marketing strategies to attract more salon clients in the New Year. While email marketing isn’t a new practice, it’s an effective one. Many businesses will send out newsletters around the holidays and seasonal times to connect with their clients and promote different services. Sending out a new year newsletter is a fantastic way to get your clients excited about the season, inform them of your salon’s offerings this year, and provide special promotions.

For potential clients who aren’t yet on your mailing list, you can offer a 10 percent discount on services for signing up for the list. That way, you can improve conversion rates, and your new clients get a good deal in the process.

Be sure to utilize these helpful tips for building salon clientele in the new year. The more you appeal to and cater to the needs of your clients, the more likely you are to generate more business for your salon.

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