Importance of Spray Foam Insulation for Businesses

January 23, 2023
Importance of Spray Foam Insulation for Businesses

When trying to run a spray foam insulation business, it’s easier to promote insulation to homeowners thanks to all the residential benefits it offers. However, it can be more challenging to market spray foam to business owners. However, this type of insulation provides just as many benefits to commercial buildings as to residential ones. Keep reading to discover the importance of spray foam insulation for businesses.

Promotes Energy Efficiency

The multiple types of spray foam insulation have some of the highest R-values of products on the market. This high R-value makes spray foam incredibly heat-resistant, which promotes energy efficiency year-round. High-quality insulation like this prevents heat from escaping or entering the building, which would usually cause drafts. This is ideal for businesses that may be looking for ways to cut costs on their energy bills.

Reduces Moisture Levels

Certain types of spray foam insulation, known as closed-cell foams, are effective at preventing moisture buildup. If your goal is to protect your products and inventory from mold and mildew, especially in a climate with high humidity, closed-cell foam can provide an extra barrier. The added moisture protection also leads to fewer leaks, roof repairs, and insulation replacements due to mold.

Long-Lasting Insulation Solution

Spray foam insulation has one of the longest lifespans of any solution on the market. This is due to its many resistances, which protect it from heat, moisture, pests, and more. With regular inspections and maintenance when needed, this type of insulation can last a lifetime. This can help any business stretch its budget further regarding insulation expenses. This longevity is just one of the many reasons spray foam is better than fiberglass and other types of insulation.

Insulates Sounds Too

Many businesses and commercial offices have a warehouse that connects to their base of operations. Screening phone calls and hosting marketing meetings can be difficult with loud packing and heavy equipment noises coming from a warehouse. Fortunately, spray foam also provides sound insulation to help separate these areas and provide quiet for a business’s office employees.

Now that you better understand the importance of spray foam insulation for businesses and commercial buildings, you can start marketing your insulation services to a broader audience. Many of the benefits of residential insulation also apply to the commercial level. Remember these benefits, whether you’re trying to promote your own spray foam business or learning about commercial insulation.

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