How to Find the Right Solar Battery for Your Solar Inverter?

April 26, 2022

So, you have got your brand-new solar inverter, but the inverter can’t function on its own, you would also need a solar battery to go along with it. An inverter, and a solar battery essentially function as a single unit, where the inverter is responsible for convert the DC energy generated by the solar panels into usable AC energy used to run appliances, and the battery is responsible for storing the charge that is used during a power outage.

Therefore, choosing a right solar battery that perfectly complements your solar inverter is crucial for the functioning of your solar backup system. Here are few points that will help you find the right solar battery for your solar inverter!

Battery Capacity

When selecting a battery for your solar inverter, it’s crucial to assess its capacity in terms of Ah or Amp-hours. To make the right choice, you’ll want to anticipate your peak power needs. Therefore, always closely consider your power requirements when choosing a battery capable of delivering the necessary charge to power all your home appliances during an outage. Here’s a valuable tip: opt for a battery with slightly more capacity than your peak power requirement. This way, if you ever decide to add extra appliances in the future, you can rest assured that the battery, recommended by a professional residential solar provider, will be equipped to handle the increased power demand.

Lifespan and Discharge Cycles

A battery’s lifespan is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a solar battery. If you want a battery that comes with a great service life, look for factors like heat resistance and cold cycles to ensure that the battery is able to output its peak performance for longer. Moreover, there are 3 things that you must absolutely look for when choosing a solar battery.

  1. Depth of Discharge: This is used to determine a battery’s extent of being discharged and used before drop in capacity.
  2. Cyclic Life: Cyclic life defines the number of charge and discharge cycle of a battery. While lithium batteries can last up to 200 cycles, a gel battery can last between 500-5000 cycles, and flooded batteries can last anywhere between 300-700 cycles.
  3. Temperature: As the chemical activity inside a battery-increases, so will the temperature of the battery. Therefore, if you want to extend the service life of your solar battery then ideally you should keep the batteries in a temperature-controlled room.

Brand and Warranty

Choose a battery from a reputable brand that offers extensive warranty on the battery. Never purchase local batteries sold by unauthorized dealers if you don’t want to end up with a battery that’s neither efficient, nor good enough to handle your peak power requirements. Locally manufactured batteries are mostly built using cheaper quality components that makes the battery inefficient while making it prone to hazards like overheating, overcharging, etc. which in turn increases the risk of a fire hazard, and you would rather avoid that. So, it’s OK to spend a little extra in getting a battery from a reputed brand that comes with the assurance of higher quality components, and access to genuine spare parts.

Luminous has a range of solar batteries that you can choose from in case you are actively looking towards buying a solar battery. All of their products are manufactured using stringent procedures that ensure that the batteries come with the best service lives, low-cost maintenance and maximum peak performance, and can effectively handle all of your power requirement.

Choosing the best solar battery for your inverter is crucial for ensuring that you get proper backup when required. So, keep these points in mind when choosing a solar battery, and you should have no problem in finding the best solar battery for your inverter!

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