How To Make Your Construction Crew Feel Appreciated

February 20, 2023
How To Make Your Construction Crew Feel Appreciated

Blue-collar workers rarely get the praise they deserve. Some people don’t really stop to thank a construction crew for their work, and not too many clients make an effort, either. However, they should always receive praise and a pat on the back from their employers and managers.

Management sees the work a crew does every day, so these team members know better than anyone what those workers put on the line. Read on to learn how to make your construction crew feel appreciated.

Make the Job Worthwhile

It’s only right to give your crew meaningful opportunities after they spend long hours on a jobsite. Don’t let every job they do be like the previous one without providing the option to advance, expand skillsets, or grow as an employee.

Surely, at least a few of your crew members deserve a promotion—don’t be afraid to give them one! Offer your hardest workers positions like project lead so that they can use their talents to benefit the whole crew. Giving workers new responsibilities is one way to express your confidence in their skills and your appreciation for their previous work.

Meet Basic Needs

Believe it or not, there are some site managers who don’t meet the basic needs of their crew members. Completing those simple acts alone shows more appreciation than most realize. Doing little things, such as providing breakfast and coffee, goes a long way.

Many construction shifts begin and end at rough hours, and every crew member needs a little pick-me-up to energize them. Additionally, you shouldn’t forget about the bathroom arrangement. Every construction site needs a porta-potty, and if you really want to show your appreciation, you can rent more than one so that your team can work comfortably.

Celebrate Wins

Some wins are smaller than others, but a win is a win, and each one deserves a proper celebration. Set aside time to acknowledge any accomplishments your crew made on the job. Celebrate them accordingly with a small gathering or moment of recognition at the end of the day.

Suppose a crew member put their problem-solving skills to the test and came up with a solution for an issue on the site—address it in one of your weekly meetings! Call attention to their efforts with a round of applause and ensure the worker knows you appreciate their contributions.

Get Them Home

In truth, many workers value nothing more than the opportunity to go home at a decent time. Your crew could love working with you and spending time on the site with everyone, but there is nothing like getting home at a reasonable hour. By ensuring everyone goes home on time, you grant your crew more time to relax with their families.

One way to show your crew that you appreciate them is to devise a schedule to get them home early on Fridays. You may need to move several pieces around, but you can always let your crew know what the goal is so that they can work to help you achieve it.

An appreciated construction crew is a hard-working construction crew. Make sure they feel valued every day.

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