How to Start a Website Business in Canada

February 11, 2022

Starting a website business as a Canadian is a great opportunity not only to earn money but to unleash your creative power. At the same time, you offer a unique product or service. 

As with most digital businesses, there is a lot of competition. But this should not dishearten you! You can find your unique way to present a website service that appeals to your specific audience and is user-friendly. 

It has never been easier than now – there are plenty of helpful resources that can assist you at every point of your journey!

The process of getting your feet wet with the creation of a website business in Canada goes from choosing your niche to selecting a reliable web hosting service for your website and beyond! It is instrumental in seeing a frame of the initial steps to take.

1. Envision a product or service you would like to offer

This is the number one when it comes down to business websites. Think of your passion and talents. What would you like to offer to the world? Will you offer it only to your local community or in the whole country of Canada?

Will you offer it only on a national level, in Canada, or abroad? It can be a physical product like a crafted item. Or it can be a service like marketing or consulting.

2. Think of your target audience

Think of your niche customers – who is your ideal client? How old are they? What gender? What is their nationality? Are they Canadians, or are they English speakers who can live worldwide?

The way your website business is set and the way you advertise it should be in a way to appeal to this target customer, so it is good if you can identify with them or feel how it is in their shoes. This way, you can easily and quickly build an audience as an expert in a specific field. Then you can grow and branch out to the more general public.

3. Make sure you have the required licenses

Do some research about the laws and regulations that a website business like yours needs to follow. Ensure your business has all the permits and the insurance to operate. You can check with the city for this information.

4. Calculate the costs

Make sure you have estimated how much funds you require for starting your website business. Estimate all the fees you need to pay yearly and monthly for your Webhosting, taxes, and other administrative fees. Make an estimation of the providers you need and all the tools to run the business successfully.

5. Set up your business website

The first step is to choose web hosting, examining the different costs, plans and features different providers offer. Then it is time to choose the domain name – it is better to stick to your brand name as closely as possible so that your domain name looks professional. 

When you choose your hosting service and domain name – it is time to build your website. You can hire a professional for that, but you can do it yourself as now most website hosting providers offer templates that allow you to fill in the information relevant to your brand.

Create clear menus and clear pages that make your mission and your products and services stand out.

Make sure that your website is adapted for tablets and mobile phones, too. Today, most of the audience operates on mobile devices.

6. Set up your social media profiles 

Nowadays, it is important to have a consistent presence in social media. It increases your visibility across different channels and can help you drive more customers to your website business.


There is much to be said for each of these steps, but they provide a rough plan to follow when you are just starting a website business in Canada. So, grab a pen and paper or a PC document and start writing down ideas and gathering insights on the above key points! Create a clear strategy and an action plan, and then go for it. Just do it, step by step!

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