MVP Development for Startups

January 11, 2022

What a nice startup idea is there in your head! It would be great to embody it and to get people acquainted with it as soon as possible. It’s a common thing that ideas are living in the air and the faster you deliver it to the market the more prospective and profitable it can turn out to be.

Facebook, Uber, Zappos… What unites them? All these world-famous firms started with MVP. This is that helps startup founders attract investments and approve the practicability of the undertaking.

If you want to catch inspiration you can find a lot of insights, samples and business cases devoted to MVP development for startups at

What MVP is in detail

Let’s imagine that you’ve found a picturesque place and have got an idea to build a tourist center there. The place is beautiful, there are a lot of natural attractions and the landscape fosters the creation of some sports facilities. But it is situated far from the big city and far away from federal roads. That’s why you’re not absolutely sure if it can become popular enough among tourists to turn into a profitable project. What can you do in such a case? The first way you can consider is to rent the territory you’ve liked and set there several cheap, fast and easy to build constructions like tents. That is similar to creating a prototype in software development. But there’s another way to validate your idea. You can build the most significant constructions for tourists first of all. Let’s suppose it’s a canteen and a hotel. And later when you make sure everything works as presupposed to create a sports center, swimming pool, dancing room, concert hall or additional prefabricated panel houses for guests. Whatever you want. This approach enables you to check whether the transport inaccessibility and little-known place is an obstacle for launching a successful business. You don’t risk a huge budget spending it on a costly project but you build a fully functional tourist center without quality loss. Thus you’ll see if your idea is viable and how it can be improved based on the real feedback. This is how MVP works in software development. It’s your first attempt to deliver to the market something precious. Regardless of the limited budget for development and rather short terms, you build a qualitative working version of the app that can bring money to the treasury.

Minimum viable product is a perfect tool to find out if there is someone in the world who cares about the problem you are intending to solve. It’s a cute way to test your idea in practice with minimal investment and in short terms. So we can define MVP as a high quality product with core functions that can be delivered to the market.

What benefits MVP offers

As you could see in the previous sample, launching MVP empowers you to see whether your hypothesis will work in the market or not.

So the first benefit is an opportunity to check implementability of your contrivance. It isn’t reasonable to create an expensive product before you’ll check there are enough people in the market to address your offer. People who care about your ideas. MVP development is the shortest way to find out.

Along with checking the practicality of your startup idea, MVP development lets you know your target audience better and make improvements at the initial stage of the project. Real feedback is a valuable tool to keep your feet on the earth and make a product popular in the market.

And one of the more exciting things is that MVP development is the most effective way to attract investment. As the saying goes the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So the proof of your solid business intentions is an MVP development. It shows that you are ready to put not only an idea, but enough time, money and efforts into your business project. Nowadays raising funds takes a lot of creativity and hardships due to its high competitiveness. That’s what professional MVP development can help you to stand out of the startup crowd and gain trust of business investors.

What the best way to launch an MVP

Wise people used to say that he knows the water well who has waded through it. It concerns MVP development as well: the cleverest solution is to entrust it to an experienced team. Dedicated developers and UX/UI designers will help you to organize your thoughts into the shape of a technical task. Don’t worry about specific terms or anything like that kind. You just need to be interviewed by managers. It’s better to address the company specialized in the MVP development for startups like The guys prefer to hone skills in the selected domain and create apps worth market success. Be aware: to choose Jack of all trades seems more alluring for the price but it’s more far-sightedly to cooperate with a master of one. So you can feel confident to get a top-notch quality product.

What moments are significant in MVP development for startups

Before you dive into the creative process of building your first MVP it makes sense to clear up some critical moments. Ask the chosen development team these questions.

What approach do you apply in the MVP development?

The most effective way in building apps is based on User Experience. Creating MVP by taking into account User Flow enables the team to develop a product that is thought out to the smallest detail.It distinguishes among others by convenience and care of users. All the elements work in harmony to serve customers’ goals – from appropriate graphics to architecture of the app.

What are the benefits of your technologies?

For example, MVP development based on using React Native empowers you to get a perfectly working app within a reasonable time limit and budget. This framework can be used to build two apps that have one code instead of products designed with java and swift. The limited technological stack can be a super advantage when we are talking about high level specialists: it’s better to know everything about your working tools than a bit about everything.

How long will it take to build MVP?

Quickness of the soul of any business, that’s why it matters how fast and intensive work can be offered to you by developers. It usually takes about 5-6 months to deliver the first completed version to the market. For example, IT enthusiasts at complete MVP development for startups in three months.

How much will it cost?

It has been estimated that the average price of the MVP development is about $38k. You can do your own research to find out how much MVP development can cost. In practice it depends on two things: complexity of the product and hourly rates of specialists. As for the product complexity, one that requires 3rd party integrations, a whole bunch of features will be more expensive than a simple one.

And it is obvious that the same quality MVP developed in the USA and, for example, in India, may differ in its cost in times.

That’s why it’s a logical thing to search for an optimal relation quality/cost. If you don’t want to overpay for MVP development but get a well-tailored product you can learn Russian developers’ experience like, for example. Outsourcing IT companies in Russia provides a qualitative approach alongside competitive costs.

Don’t forget that building an MVP is an ongoing process – you can implement improvements endlessly. So don’t hesitate to take the first step into an enthralling adventure that startup promises to be.

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