Jessica Nemeth: We created an attractive win-win product whereby merchants and marketplaces offer flexible payment terms that grow their own sales and satisfy their customers’ liquidity needs.

February 26, 2024
Follow Jessica Nemeth in LinkedIn Can you share the story behind the inception of Terms.Tech and what motivated you to focus on B2B payment solutions? Terms.Tech is a TradeTech innovation product founded by AREA42, the innovation lab of Credendo, leaders in trade credit insurance

Gordon James Campbell: We wanted to create a one-stop destination allowing people to discover and interact with places, and share food experiences with friends, family and foodies.

January 9, 2024
Follow Gordon James Campbell in LinkedIn How did the idea of Maribon, a mobile app for food lovers, originate, and what makes it unique in the market? Food is such a powerful force because it brings people together – it鈥檚 social by nature. With widespread adoption of smartphones and high speed internet, people capture food
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