Revamping Influencer Marketing for Gaming: Unleashing the Power of Micro Streamers with

July 14, 2023

Introduction: Influencer Marketing Reinvented

The digital landscape, much like the shifting sand dunes in a desert, is constantly morphing, driven by an insatiable need for innovation and the winds of consumer demand. One such wind is, the latest innovation in influencer marketing that aims to completely reshape how gaming companies engage with micro streamers. Launched on Product Hunt, emerges as a platform connecting gaming companies with a network of over 17,000 Twitch micro streamers.

The Problem: The Twitchy Side of Influencer Marketing

The conventional approach of gaming companies towards influencer marketing, especially on platforms like Twitch, has been plagued with inefficiencies. Searching for the right streamers, bargaining terms, making upfront payments only for streamers to potentially abandon the collaboration – all these issues rendered the process strenuous and unpredictable. And, unfortunately, this model mainly benefited top streamers, leaving the micro streamers in the cold.

The Solution: – Pay Only for Results

The platform changes the game by pivoting towards a performance marketing model. Companies can now pay only for measurable results, eradicating the guesswork from influencer marketing. What’s more, they have made the entire process faster and more efficient. With a minimum budget of just $200, companies can launch campaigns with hundreds of micro-streamers within 10 minutes. This offers the much-needed savings in both time and resources.

Empowering Micro Streamers: Monetize Your Passion

The real winners here, though, are the micro streamers. provides them with a platform to monetize their passion for gaming. By partnering with big gaming brands, these micro influencers can gain recognition and earn revenues. The door to collaboration that was once accessible only to the top streamers has been flung wide open for the broader streaming community.

The Celebration: A Unique Launch Offer

To mark the launch of on Product Hunt, the platform is offering a special incentive to the community. The first 20 users who launch their campaigns to engage micro streamers on will receive a 100% discount on commission via the promo code PHDROPEME. This is a clear testament to the confidence the makers have in their disruptive product.

Concluding Thoughts: A Future-proof Model

By shifting the influencer marketing paradigm, has devised a solution that is future-proof and highly rewarding for both gaming companies and micro-streamers. Performance-driven campaigns have now become a reality, and the unpredictable aspect of this form of marketing has been effectively negated. With the launch of, the gaming industry stands on the threshold of an exciting new era, one where every player – big or small – has a role to play and a victory to claim.

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