Revolutionize Your Email Campaigns with Email AI by

July 18, 2023

Redefining Email Marketing by Blending Advanced AI and Copywriting Expertise.

I. Introducing Email AI by

Email marketing has always been a cornerstone in the world of digital advertising. Despite the ongoing evolution of communication channels, nothing quite beats the personal touch of an email. The art and science of crafting an effective email can be challenging, demanding a blend of copywriting skills, creativity, technical knowledge, and often a splash of salesmanship. It is a time-consuming task that not everyone can master. Enter, Email AI by, an innovative tool that turns these challenges into a breeze.

II. Powered by AI, Driven by Experts has a long-standing reputation for delivering top-notch digital marketing tools. With their latest product, they are pushing the boundaries even further. Email AI isn’t just a simple AI integration into the email creation process; it’s a powerful tool designed with the expertise of professional copywriters, UX writers, and GPT specialists.

Email AI assistant uses OpenAI technology that amplifies user prompts, ensuring that the AI understands your goals and delivers the desired output. It’s like having a personal copywriter on demand, ready to craft engaging and effective emails at a moment’s notice.

III. Versatile and Adaptive Capabilities

One of the most impressive features of Email AI by is its versatility. It goes beyond just drafting an email; it infuses each creation with the best practices of effective copywriting. Its translation capability into 36 languages widens the communication spectrum. Moreover, it’s an excellent tool for non-native English speakers, ensuring impeccable grammar and spelling.

Want to change the tone of your email? Email AI can handle that. Need an email based on a short summary? It’s got you covered. Want a catchy subject line? It’s just a click away. The platform truly caters to all the different nuances of email crafting.

IV. Boosting KPIs While Saving Time

Email AI by was designed with a purpose – to save time, inspire creativity, instill confidence, help users write better, and ultimately drive KPI growth. It’s an intuitive tool that integrates seamlessly with your workflow and reduces the strain of email creation.

V. Accessibility and Affordability

For the next two weeks until August 1, Email AI is accessible to both free and premium accounts. Post this period, it will be fully included in all premium plans with limits high enough to generate over 50 emails every day. This ensures that everyone has the chance to explore the potential of Email AI.

Moreover, is offering a 30% discount on any monthly plan for the Product Hunt community, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to providing value and service to their users.

VI. Conclusion

Email AI by is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer in the world of email marketing. Its unique blend of AI technology and copywriting expertise simplifies the email creation process and elevates the quality of every email you send.

With the promise of saving time, boosting creativity and confidence, and helping users write better, Email AI by is indeed a tool to watch out for. If you’re someone who sees the value in engaging, well-crafted emails but doesn’t have the time or skill to consistently deliver,’s Email AI could be the solution you’ve been looking for. So give it a try, share your experiences, and get ready to revolutionize your email campaigns.

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