Supaglue: Streamlining the Product Integration Process like Never Before!

June 23, 2023

Introduction: Discover the Power of Supaglue

Meet Supaglue, the innovative tool that’s set to revolutionize the world of native product integration. Launched by co-founders George and Tom, this SaaS and Open Source Developer Tool breaks down the barriers of B2B integration, transforming a traditionally time-consuming process into a seamless and streamlined workflow. No more tedious, error-prone, and expensive integrations – Supaglue is here to change the game.

Facing the Integration Challenges Head-on

As experienced developers, the brains behind Supaglue understand firsthand the roadblocks faced when dealing with CRM and sales tools integration. From the complexities of provider-specific APIs, convoluted data structures, stifling rate limits, to the unpredictable edge cases, the process can be overwhelming. However, with Supaglue, these challenges are a thing of the past. Its goal is simple: To create an accessible, manageable, and error-free user-facing product integration environment.

Building Bridges Between Platforms

One of the highlights of Supaglue is its versatility in building connectors. It currently supports several popular platforms, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Dynamics 365 Sales, Pipedrive, and Outreach. This broad range, combined with a promise to continually add more connectors, ensures that Supaglue provides a comprehensive solution to your integration needs, no matter what CRM or sales tools your customers utilize.

The Supaglue Advantage: Making Your Work Easier and More Efficient

Supaglue’s benefits extend far beyond mere versatility. This robust platform equips you with tools that can:

  1. Authenticate: Connect with your customers’ SaaS tools in minutes, saving you precious setup time.
  2. Sync: With Supaglue, you can easily synchronize raw and normalized customers data to your application database.
  3. Write: Thanks to its unified API, you can create and update records in your customers’ SaaS tools with little to no effort.
  4. Subscribe: Stay informed with real-time change events in your customers’ SaaS via webhook.
  5. Monitor: Keep an eye on integration health through Supaglue’s easy-to-use management portal.

Product Transparency and Customer Empowerment

Supaglue values transparency and customer feedback. Over the past six months, they’ve built the product openly, encouraging input from the development community and their early customers, who have successfully utilized Supaglue for a range of uses including sales enablement, workflow automation, and revenue intelligence. Today, their launch of a self-serve, managed version of Supaglue brings this powerful tool to any developer interested in streamlining their product integration process.

Free Trial: Experience the Supaglue Revolution Today

Nothing speaks louder than personal experience. That’s why Supaglue is offering a 30-day free trial for any developer ready to take their product integration to the next level. It’s an excellent opportunity to test drive this platform and experience firsthand how Supaglue can transform your integration process.

Conclusion: Simplify Your Integration with Supaglue

In a digital landscape where efficient integrations are the key to success, Supaglue stands out as a powerful ally. With its ability to streamline integrations, support a wide range of platforms, and enhance overall workflow, it’s no wonder that Supaglue has already received numerous upvotes on The future of native product integration has arrived, and it’s supercharged by Supaglue.

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