Tips for Designing an Effective Business Card

March 28, 2023
Tips for Designing an Effective Business Card

Executives and employees within the credit union industry know that their credit union is a great part of the community and a great opportunity for people within that community. However, community members won’t take advantage of the opportunities within your credit union unless you advertise well. Your credit union can advertise in many ways, from billboards to social media, but one of the most effective ways is through business cards.

Business cards can go anywhere. They’re not stuck on one billboard location or within one social media network. Your employees and loyal customers can carry your business cards to share with anyone within the community. Before they start carrying them, you must design an effective business card that will go out and draw people back. Keep reading to get some design tips.

Organize Your Information

The first step in taking your business card from informational to effective is organizing your information. If you have info scattered across the front and back of your business card or packed tightly together in one part, it’s not effective. Card recipients don’t want to search the card for specific information or pull out a magnifying glass to discern where one line of information breaks from another. Place your business information in a clear order and use blank space to help each piece of information stick out.

Focus on Aesthetics

Organized information can only go so far. People will simply keep a card with helpful information. They’ll gladly share a card they enjoy looking at and want others to see. Choose an eye-catching color scheme with this in mind. Your business card color scheme can draw from the colors in your business logo or from wider inspiration within your industry, such as green representing wealth. Use at least two colors and pick a specific color plan, such as complementary colors that pop when used together. Order cards in a unique shape or with an aesthetic detail such as foil or UV embossing to add an extra layer of visual excitement.

Give Your Card a Function

The primary function of a business card is to inform people about your business, specifically your credit union. However, there are some surprising ways to do more with your business cards by including additional functions recipients will appreciate. For example, you could make one side of your business card an appointment reminder so that recipients will take them home and keep them visible so they can remember when their next appointment is. You could also use your card to teach recipients, such as providing relevant information on interest rates in your area.

Your credit union probably already has business cards. However, if they’re not helping you reach your community and grow your business, you need to design an effective business card with some of these tips in mind. Keep your ideal customer at the forethought of your design process, and you’ll craft something that will help you reach more people.

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